4 Sonic the Hedgehog Inspired Mocktails

4 Sonic the Hedgehog Inspired mocktails, for when you gotta go fast with your tribe.

4 sonic the hedgehog inspired mocktails

The live action Sonic films have brought the all too familiar name back into our house. Never really forgotten but now, my kids can be heard talking about Sonic. Wearing Sonic themed clothes and even wanting to play the Sonic video games just like we used to. Funny how things have come full circle. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy getting to relive my childhood with them! And given the resurgence of Sonic in our house, we have experimented with several sonic drinks. Four to be exact. To match 4 of the iconic characters from the Sonic world.

To highlight their similarities and differences and spotlight each Sonic character inspired themed mocktail in one spot, I thought a roundup of all four non alcoholic drinks would make a good post. So here it is!

Sonic the Hedgehog Inspired Mocktail

Sonic is the fastest little blue hedgehog around that first rolled his way into homes in 1991. And when you pair him up with his friends, they are always ready for adventure!

Sonic the hedgehog inspired mocktail

Check out this Sonic the Hedgehog Inspired Mocktail for when you just gotta go fast!

Tails Inspired Mocktail

Miles Prower, or better known by his nickname of Tails, is arguably Sonic’s closest friend. As loyal as they come, Tails is a lovable little fox with two tails. Hence the nickname of Tails. His two tails sure do come in handy as they allow him the ability to fly which helps both him and Sonic get out of some tricky situations at times.

Sonic's Tails Inspired Mocktail

Check out this Sonic the Hedgehog’s Tails Inspired Mocktail to round out the dyanic duo!

Kunckles Inspired Mocktail

Knuckles is the popular protector of the Master Emerald. His red appearance combined with his super strength and dry personality make his quite likable. So much so, he is getting his own tv show! Sonic and Tails, know they can always count on Kunckles when they need him. And with a cranberry flavor, red appearance and white rimmer this drink will be there when you need it, just like Knuckles.

Sonic the Hedgehog's Kunckles inspired mocktail

Check out this Sonic the Hedgehog Knuckle’s Inspired Mocktail to add a little red to your night of gaming!

Shadow Inspired Mocktail

Shadow is the Sonic franchise’s anti hero. With a tragic backstory, Shadow the hedgehog has vowed to protect the world and will do whatever it takes to uphold that promise. Shadow is Sonic’s doppelganger except he is black instead of the iconic Sonic blue. Shadow has grown in popularity after being released in 2001 and was hinted at being a character in the third installment of the live action Sonic movies.

Sonic's Shadow inpsired Mocktail

Check out this Sonic the Hedgehog’s Shadow Inspired Mocktail for when you are feeling a little dark and mysterious!

And there you have it! The four Sonic the Hedgehog inspired non-aloholic drinks that are sure to excite several generations of gamers at once! These are perfect for that Sonic inspired birthday party, Sonic watch party or some old school gaming!

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Which video game do you have the best memories of playing?

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