Hi, I’m Jess

I run Cocktails, Mocktails and Swizzlesticks. A blog that specializes in, you guessed it, all things drinks! The kid in me loves the presentation and fun of mocktails. From the bright colors and garnishes to the glasses and shinny rimmers. And the adult in me loves the taste of cocktails, the satisfaction of making them, the awe of my friends and family in their presentation of my creations, and then, of course drinking them. Put it all together and you get Cocktails Mocktails and Swizzlesticks.

I’m just a ’90s child turned at home bar tender who likes to experiment and create themed drinks for all occasions and all audiences. From nostalgia of my own childhood to seeing fun through the eyes of my own children, these drinks provide just that extra special touch of fun. From birthday parties, watch parties, holidays, summer fun or just because, Cocktails Mocktails and Swizzlesticks has you covered with fun drink recipes that will have everyone asking for a refill. 

So let’s add a little fun to our drinks because we can all use a little bit more fun in life! And as always, drink responsibly! 

Until next time!