Almond Joy Cocktail

Sometimes you feel like an Almond Joy Cocktail. Sometimes you feel like two.

Almond Joy candy bars have always tasted like summer to me. The combination of the sweet chocolate, nut and delicious coconut flavors all wrapped up in that blue wrapper. Serioulsy tastes like summer in my mouth. Making its debut in the world in 1946, the Almond Joy candy bar we all know and love today mimicked another popular candy bar at the time. With similar ingredients and taste to another bar already on the market, that other candy bar did not stick around for too long. I for one, am extra thankful that Almond Joy Candy bars took a different path and have stuck around for us to continue to enjoy today!

In all honestly though, I didnt always enjoy Almond Joy candy bars. I think the coconut taste was a little too much for me as a kid. And today, my kids are the same way. Which means, Almond Joys are unique in my house in that they can be hidden in plain sight! And there is no fear that tiny little hands and mouths will make an entire bag vanish before my eyes! But I know my time for that is limited and I better start thinking about the best way to camouflage that blue bag because after all, to adult taste buds, they are delicious!

The Almond Joy cocktail is a very simple cocktail with 4 ingredients to bring out that chocolatey, coconutty flavor of summer time! So whether you are feeling like an almond joy cocktail or two, this is sure to hit the spot!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 Cocktails

1.1.5 oz Dark Creme De Cacao

2.1.5 oz Ameretto

3.2oz Half and Half

4.1/5 oz Coconut Rum

5.Blue stripped straw (optional)

Low Ball Gasses

Cocktail Shaker

Almond Joy Candies; Ok, so technically, these are not actually used anywhere in this recipie, But, the way I see it, if your going to make the cocktail, why not grab a bag so you can taste test how much they taste alike?

About the Ingredients

Dark Creme De Cacao is a chocolate flavored liquor made from vodka and coco beans typically. Perfect for the chocolate layer on the outside of an Almond Joy bar.

Ameretto is an almond-like, Italian flavored liquor, just the right hint of a nutty taste we need to make this an Almond Joy inspired cocktail and not a Mounds one. Perfect for those times when you feel like a nut.

Coconut Rum is pretty much what it sounds like, rum with coconut flavoring. Just what we need to bring out that tropical summer flavor. And that distinct flavor that just screams Almond Joy

Half and Half is half cream and half milk; hence where it gets its name from. And is used frequently in dessert drinks and after dinner drinks.

How to Make

1.Add ice to cocktail shaker

2.Add 1.5 oz Dark Creme De Cacao, 1.5 oz Ameretto, 2 oz Half and Half, and 1/2 oz Coconut Rum into the cocktail shaker.

3.Shake vigerously until well mix and chilled

4.Add Ice to low ball glass

5.Pour into low ball glass over ice

6.Add Blue striped straw to bring the cocktail full circle to not only taste like an Almond Joy, but look like one too!

Enjoy Responsibility!

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What’s your favorite Summer time candy? What candy inspired drink should we tackle next!?

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