Andes Mints Inspired Shot

Andes Mints inspired shot for when you crave that sweet combination of chocolate and mint.

Andes Mints inspired shot

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When I was growing up, I called Ande’s mints fancy restaurant mints. Because the only time we ever saw them was for special occasions when we would go to a fancy restaurant and they had them at the hotstess stand. It wasn’t for several years later that I realized you could actually buy them at the store! Like a whole bag or box of them! Despite being able to buy them in the store though, I think they just taste different when you get them from a restaurant.

Either way, Andes’ Mints are delicious. A combination of milk chocolate with creme de menth mint flavoring wrapped up in a bright green iconic foil wrapper. Like a thin little chocolate mint sandwich. So thin they could melt in your mouth. Yum!

Ok, now while I do love Ande’s Mints, the adult beverage of Creme De Menth is not my favorite in all honestly. It is strong! But, I dont think you can make an Ande’s Mint inspired shot without using Creme De Menth. I mean, it’s right on the Ande’s Mints package!

Check out this recipe for an Andes Mints Inspired Shot for that boozy hit of chocolate and minty goodness.

Ingredients for Andes Mints Inspired Shot

Creme De Menth

Creme De Cacao

Vanilla Vodka

Andes Mints (whole unwrapped)

Chocolate Sauce (I used this one from Amazon. I like it because its thick and the spout on top makes it easy to rim the glasses)

Shot Glasses (I used these for their square shape, similar to Andes Mints themselves)

Cocktail shaker

andes mints adult shots

About the Ingredients

Creme De Menthe is a mint flavored alcoholic beverage that is often green in color from the mint leaves. This is a must for a Andes Mint inspired shot. This has a very strong flavor.

Creme De Cacao is a chocolate flavored alcoholic drink with flavorings from coco beans and occasically a mild vanilla flavor as well

Vanilla Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage with a vanilla flavoring that pairs well with chocolate.

Recipe for Andes Mint Inspired Shot

1)Rim your Shot Glasses with Chocolate Sauce ensuring to get a consistent and thin coating. (Tip: I tend to rim slightly inside the glass so as the sauce starts to run, it runs into the shot adding extra chocolate. And as an extra bonus, it keeps the sticky chocolate in the glass)

2)In a Cocktail Shaker add ice, 1 oz Creme De Menthe, 3 oz Creme De Cacao and 2 oz Vanilla Vodka. Shake vigeroulsy until well mixed and chilled.

3)Pour mixture into rimmed shot glasses.

4) Add unwrapped Andes Mint to the corner of each shot.

Enjoy Responsibly!

green mint shots

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