Apple Pie Cocktail

Easy Apple Pie Cocktail for all the comfort of homemade apple pie in one low ball glass!

Easy Apply Pie Cocktail

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I am not sure there is anything that feels more wholesome than the taste of homemade apple pie! Just one bite of a good homemade apple pie quickly transports me to holidays as a kid. Extended family around the dinner table. Loud chaos everywhere as cousins play and their parents enjoy adult conversation. And of course, a dessert of homemade apple pie, no need to even ask, because you already knew dessert was apple pie.

This delicious and easy apple pie cocktail brings back those same memories. The smell of the cinninon sugar rim and a taste to mimic that good old home made apple pie. With a LOT less work that is. And that makes this drink a must make around the holidays!

Enjoy this easy apple pie cocktail for all the delicious tastes of grandma’s homemade apple pie, in one low ball glass!

Ingredients for Apple Pie Cocktail

Apple Juice

Cinninon Whiskey

Vanilla Vodka

Cinnimon Sugar mix

Cinnamon Stick

Apple Slice (optional for garnish

Low Ball Glasses

Cocktail Shaker (This is my favorite one!)

Apply Pie Cocktail Recipe

About The Ingredients

Apple Juice is quite simply made from pressing and crushing apples to create a pale juice

Cinnamon Whiskey is an alcoholic drink aged in wooden casks infused with a cinnamon flavoring

Vanilla Vodka is a distilled alcoholic drink that is clear in nature and infused with vanilla flavoring

Recipe for Apple Pie Cocktail

Yields 2 drinks

1)Slice your Apple long ways to end up with flat slices of apple

2)Rim each Low Ball Glass with Cinnamon Sugar mixture. Tip: Using Simple syrup to rim the glasses helps the sugar mixture to adhere to the rim of the glass. If you don’t have Simple Syrup on hand, water will do the trick! Add Ice and Set aside

3)In your Cocktail Shaker add ice 6 oz Apple Juice, 3 oz Cinnamon Whiskey and 3 oz Vanilla Vodka. Shake until well mixed and chilled.

4)Pour mixed drink over ice into rimmed low ball glasses.

5)Add Cinnamon Stick and Apple Slice as garnish to each drink.

Enjoy Responsibly!

Apple Pie Cocktail

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What is your favorite dessert from your family holidays?

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