Barbie Inspired Mocktail

Barbie inspired mocktail for when you are feeling everything.

Barbie Inspired Mocktail zero proof drink for kids

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When I first heard about The Barbie Movie coming out in 2023 I was pretty excited. I’m not sure if there is anything that a 90s girl loves more than nostalgia. I was so excited in fact, that the Barbie Inspired Cocktail was one of my first themed drink recipes!

Well, now the movie is here and I cannot wait to see it, which is not surprising. And in fact, the more I hear about how empowering it is for women, the more excited I become. And excited to share it with my daughter when she is old enough to sit through and understand a live action a little more.

Even though she isn’t quite old enough, she sure has gotten the Barbie fever! It’s not too surprising for a little girl who loves pink to have an increased interest in Barbie given all the pink she has been saying lately connected to Barbie. So of course, the idea of adding Barbie to our ever growing list of fun themed movie drinks came up. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I actually already made one but it was an adults only version. So, Barbie themed non alcoholic drink it is!

Gather your best friends and make this wonderfully pink Barbie inspired mocktail while watching Barbie on the big screen, playing with the dolls or just when you want to be a barbie yourself!


All Pink Starburst Singles

Lemon Juice

Pink Starburst Lolipops ( I didn’t even know these existed when I started doing research for this drink!)

Pink Sanding Sugar (this is what I used in this recipe)

Black or Pink Striped Straws (I used these from Amazon)

Glasses (These are the ones I used)

Ice (These are the ice trays I used to get the small nugget type of ice)

About the Ingredients

Starburst All Pink Singles is a power drink mix-in with a very strong strawberry flavor to match the pink starburst. These small packets pack quite a big punch of delicious flavor!

Lemon Juice adds a touch of citrus and adds a bit of tartness to round out the very sweet pink starburst flavor

Barbie Inspired Mocktail Recipe (for 3 drinks)

The one is about as easy as they come!

1)Rim your Glasses with Pink Sanding Sugar. Gently tap each glass to remove any excess sugar. Add Ice and set aside.

2)In a pitcher, mix together 2 Packets Starburst All Pink Singles and 16 oz of Water. Stir until well dissolved. (Tip: sometimes it helps to mix the power in a small amount of warm water to dissolve easier and then pour into ice water)

3)Add 3 oz Lemon Juice to the pitcher. Stir

4)Pour into iced Glasses.

5)Add Pink or Black Striped Straws.


Barbie Inspired mocktail pink drink

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What is your favorite Barbie doll?

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