Big Hero 6 Baymax Inspired Milkshake

Big Hero 6 Baymax inspired milkshake because nothing great comes from easy.

big hero 6 baymax inspired mocktail

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Big Hero 6 came out in 2014 as a computer animated movie produced by Disney. The storyline follows a young genius Hiro as he discovers what is important to him in life and what he wants to spend his time and energy on. As Hiro experiences a great loss in the film, the viewers get to see him going though the stages of grief.

Big Hero 6 has a unique plotline from other Disney animation films and the main character experiences overwhelming emotions and isn’t quite able to cope with them. But, similar to other Disney films, the lessons in this movie are spot on and things that kids, and honestly, most adults, need to hear.

If you want something great, you have to work for it. It’s not going to come easy. Sometimes things come easy, but there will be a point when that thing that you want, will only come from hard work. And that’s ok. In fact, that hard work will make the victory that much sweeter.

Check out this Big Hero 6 Baymax Inspired Milkshake for those moments when you realize that nothing great comes from easy.

Ingredients for Big Hero 6 Baymax Inspired Milkshake

Vanilla Ice cream

Melting Chocolate (or Chocolate Chips)

Whole milk

Whipped Cream


Milkshake Glasses (I used these)

About the Ingredients

Vanilla Ice Cream is ice cream flavored with vanilla. It often is used as a base for other delicious ice cream treats. But for our Baymax inspired drink, the plain vanilla is just perfect

Whole Milk is milk from a cow that has not had any of the fat removed from it

Dipping Chocolate is chocolate that is designed to melt easy and smooth to dip yummy foods in, Or in this case, the rim of our milkshake glass.

Whipped Cream is a dairy product that is whipped until it can hold its own shape.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Inspired Milkshake Recipe (2 Drinks)

1)Melt Dipping Chocolate per the directions on the bag in a container just bigger than the mouth of your Milkshake Glasses. Dip the rim of your glasses into the melted chocolate. Place in the fridge to fully set up.

2)Add 3 cups of Vanilla Ice Cream and 1 cup of whole milk to a blender (I used the Ninja Creami to create my milkshake in two different batches)

3)Pour milkshake in to rimmed milkshake glasses

4)Add Whipped Cream to the top of each milkshake

5)Top with Cherry


Easy big Hero 6 inspired milkshake recipe

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Who is your favorite character from Big Hero 6?

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