Bubble Gum Infused Tequila Shots

Bubble Gum Infused Tequila Shots with Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum for the win!

Bubble Gum infused tequila shots

I have always been a gum chewer. Since I was young, I always had bubble gum. I’m not sure if it’s because I wanted to be just like my mom who loved gum or the juice sweet flavor. But pink bubble gum was a kid friendly way to be just like mom. And lets face it, it doesn’t get much better then Dubble Bubble, America’s original!

Fast forward and I still love chewing bubble gum. And Dubble Bubble just hits differently for me now. Opening up the bag and the smell instantly transports me back to summer fun. Running outside during long summer days, listening to my favorite track on repeat and not a care in the world. Of course, when it comes to bubble gum today, I feel like the flavor just doesn’t last leaving me always grabbing another piece!

And that is why bubble gum infused tequila shots were a must try for me! Instant transporting to “the good ol’ days”. So come on, grab some pink bubble gum, find your favorite track to put on repeat and take a trip back to the good ol’ days with me!

  1. Tequila
  2. Your Favorite Pink Bubble Gum
  3. Air tight container
  4. Strainer
bubble gum infused tequila shots

About the Ingredients

Although vodka seems to be what everyone thinks of when infusing, tequila can be a great base for infusion. It will absorb the flavor of what you chose to infuse it with combined with a hint of agave. Its clear coloring also makes it a good choice for infusions as it will take on the color of what you are infusing with it. So if you are infusing it with something vibrant and fun, like say Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum, you will end up with a bright pink Tequila!

My choice of bubble gum is of course Dubble Bubble and fun fact, it’s pink in color because pink is the only color of food coloring the factory had when it was first made. And now I cannot imagine it in any other color for that original bubble gum flavor!

How to Make

1. Unwrap bubble gum and place into an air tight container

2. Pour Tequila over the top until it is roughly an inch above the gum. (this will vary of course depending on the width of your container but I used a large mason jar for reference) and place on lid tightly

3. Let sit for at least 24 hours shaking every so often (the longer it sits, the more flavor it will absorb but recommend no more then a week)

4. Strain into a pour-able container (Tip: placing a coffee filter inside of your strainer really helps to get the gum remnants out of the tequila the first time. It does take a bit of time but it leaves behind a very smooth result!)

5. Pour into air tight container

6. Rim shot glass with sanding sugar (Tip: using Vanilla frosting helps to get a thicker rim of sugar)

7. Carefully cut a piece of bubble gum in half and then carefully cut a slit in it to allow it to sit on the shot glass

8. Pour in the infused tequila

Enjoy Responsibility!
Delicious and fun pink bubble gum infused tequila shots

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What is your favorite candy infusion? Which one should we try next?

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