Caramel Iced Irish Coffee Cocktail

Caramel Iced Irish Coffee Cocktail for that after dinner hit of delicious caffeine.

I started drinking coffee when I was working in college. I remember my boss showing me how much coffee to make in the mornings and telling him how I didn’t drink coffee but loved the smell of it. Well about 2 weeks later, lets just say I was making an extra 2 cups every morning. And now I love my coffee. So much so, I feel so out of my routine if I don’t have a cup in the mornings.

But, let me back up a step. I tell people I love coffee. What I really love, though, is what I call fake coffee. You know what I mean, coffee with a lot of cream and other mix-ins that it’s really not even coffee anymore. The coffee is there just to be a vehicle for the caffeine and other sweet things that are socially acceptable to drink in the morning, as long as you are drinking it with coffee.

Now as someone who spent some time living in Florida and who enjoys a daily cup of coffee, ice coffee is one of my favorite morning treats when it is hot and sticky out. Maybe it’s in my head, but I feel like the flavors are even more intense in a cold drink compared to a cup of hot coffee. Either way, I love a cup of flavored and sweetened iced coffee.

And that is why I am so excited for this delicious after dinner, coffee flavored cocktail! It’s filled with lots of delicious sweet things, with coffee ice cubes to satisfy that familiar taste of coffee and turn a traditionally warm drink into an iced version.

Grab some coffee ice cubes, your favorite caramel syrup and enjoy this Caramel Iced Irish Coffee Cocktail for a fun cold twist on a fan favorite after dinner drink.

Ingredients and barwar for 2 Cocktails

Coffee Ice Cubes

Irish Cream

Half and Half

Salted Caramel Syrup (classic caramel syrup will work as well if you prefer that)

Low Ball Glasses

Cocktail Swizzlestick

About the Ingredients

Irish Cream is created using a blend of irish whisky and dairy cream to create a chocolatey yet vanilla taste

Half and Half is made with equal parts of milk and cream and is a very common addition of coffee making it perfect for our coffee cocktail

Salted Caramel Syrup is a drink mix in syrup with a rich buttery caramel taste and a hit of salt.

How to Make

First you will have to make your Coffee Ice Cubes

1.Make 16 oz of black coffee and transfer into a pourable container.

2.Fill a full ice cube tray with the coffee. Place in the freezer until frozen solid and store in the freezer until ready to make your cocktail.

Now to make the actual drink!

1.Add your Coffee Ice Cubes to a low ball glass. Fill the glass all the way up with your ice.

2.Add 2 oz Irish Cream, 2 oz Half and Half, and 1 oz Salted Caramel Syrup over ice into low ball glass.

3.Stir with swizzlestick to mix the liquids and begin to melt your coffee ice cubes. For a stronger coffee flavor, let your drink sit to allow the ice a little more time to melt.

Enjoy Responsibly!

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What is your go to after dinner dessert drink?

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