Car’s Lightning McQueen Inspired Mocktail

Car’s Lightning McQueen Inspired Mocktail, Ka-chow!

Disney's Car's Lightening McQueen inspired mocktail

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As someone who married a pretty big car person, I knew the Disney’s Cars franchise was going to be a popular one for our house with young kids. While personally my style in cars is largely dependent on two things. One, its size (I may or may not have some spacial challenges when driving larger vehicles). And two, its color. But I do love animated movies. So I am all for Cars to bring together both our loves as something we can enjoy with our littlest loves!

Just like the other Disney movies, watching Disney’s Cars with my kids really makes me think hard about life. About living life in the fast lane and all the glory that comes with that lifestyle. But also, about what you sometimes have to give up to have that life in the fast lane. And I think that’s why I connect so much with Sally. She took a hard look at the glamorous life she led and decided it was costing her too much mentally and emotionally to maintain her lifestyle. So she traded it in to have friends and beautiful countryside views! With no regrets. And, she helped our story’s leading character, Lightning McQueen understand what is important to him.

And Lightning decided he didn’t want to leave everything behind. But he was going to take the good things from his life in the fast lane and the good things from his time in Radiator Springs and bring them together! And I couldn’t love that more! Take the best parts and make the best situation for you, leaving the rest in the rearview mirror. Where it belongs anyways!

Let’s enjoy a Car’s Lightning McQueen Inspired Mocktail and take the time to slow down and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of our own lives! Ka-Chow!

Ingredients and Barware for 3 Mocktails

1.Tropical Punch Koolaide

2.Pineapple Juice

3.Gold Sanding Sugar (this is the one I used)

4.Pineapple cut into bitsize pieces

5.Black Stripped Straw (optional. I used these)

6.Low Ball Glasses (These are my favorite plastic ones for kids)

7.Cocktail Shaker or Pourable container

About the Ingredients:

Tropical Punch Kool-aide is a flavored drink mix with a sweet tropical taste and bright red color, perfect for our main character, Lightning!

Pineapple Juice adds a hint of tropical flavors that match perfectly with tropical fruit punch and keeps the drink a brillent red for Lightning McQueen.

How to Make

1.Take a slice of Pineapple and put a small slit in it. Place along the rim of your low ball glasses and squeeze it gently while moving it around the whole rim to get a consistent layer of pineapple juice. Dip the rim into the Gold Sanding Sugar. Tap the glass a few times to remove any excess sanding sugar. Add Ice and set aside.

2.In a cocktail shaker or other pourable container add, 2 cups of Tropical Punch Kool-aide and 1/2 cup of Pinepple Juice. Stir to mix well.

3.Pour over ice into Low Ball Glasses

4.Add Pineapple slices on granish stick to the rim.

Garnish Tips

Take three bite sized pieces of pineapple per mocktail and slide them onto a garnish stick until they are about half way through it. This can get a little sticky so I recommend working over a cutting board even if your pineapple slices are pre-cut.

Lightneing McQueen inspired Mocktail

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Which film from the Disney Car’s franchise is your favorite?

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