Classic Paloma Cocktail

Classic Paloma Cocktail; perfect drink to celebrate Cinco De Mayo!

Classic Paloma Cocktail

Cinco De Mayo is recognized annually (you guessed in, on May 5th) to celebrate the Mexican army’s victory of the French empire back in 1862. What made this feat so incredible is the French empire was considerably larger in size then the Mexican Army and they still came out victorious. In the states, Cinco De Mayo has always been the big night to go to a Mexican restaurant, order some tacos and enjoy margaritas to join in on the Mexican celebration!

Now tequila is my alcohol of choice and Margaritas have been my go to tequila drink for a long time. They are just so versatile and you can make them in so many flavors. Plus, the rim is salt! And I love salt! When I’m drinking a margarita, it’s the one time I can literally just eat salt without judgement! All of this in moderation of course because really, I have a one margarita per celebration limit these days.

What is crazy to me though, is how I didn’t know about a wonderfully delicious drink called the Paloma until about 2 weeks ago! Literally in my third decade of life before I found out about this cocktail. It is a tequlia based drink with sweet grapefruit juice! If that sounds delicious to you, well that is because it is! So refreshing! and honestly, a perfect way to change up the typical Cinco De Mayo margarita habit.

No judgement to margaritas in the slightest, like I said, they are probably my favorite kind of cocktail. But in the spirit of the underdog just like the Mexican Army back in 1862, this Paloma cocktail is perfect to pair with some delicious tacos and sip on to celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 Cocktails


Grapefruit Sparkling Water

Simple Sryup

Whole Limes (1 for garnish and 1 for a little fresh lime juice)

Whole Grapefruit (for garnish)

Cocktail Salt (for rim)

High Ball Glasses

classic paloma cocktail ingredients

About the Ingredients

Tequila is a lower calorie alcohol made from the blue agave plant primarily found in Mexico getting its name from the town of Tequila in Mexico

Grapefruit Sparking Water is made from grapefruit juice which provides a mildly sweet flavor with a pink tint and some carbination

Lime Juice is another citrus fruit this time with a tart taste.

Simple Sryup is a mixture of equal parts water and sugar boiled until fully dissolved and slightly thickened. It is a staple ingreditent in most bars as its frequently used to sweeten cocktails without having issues of sugar dissolving fully in a cold drink

How to Make

Run a slice of lime around the rim of your glasses and then dip the rim into the Cocktail Salt Add Ice and set aside

In a cocktail shaker, add ice 4 oz Tequila, 10 oz Grapefruit Sparking Water, and 1 oz Simple Sryup stir until well mixed and chilled.

Pour over ice into salted cocktail glass. Squeeze 1 half Lime over top of each cocktail

Garnish with Lime and Grapefruit Wedge

Garnish Tips

Carefully cut the Lime in half long ways and then carefully cut in half long ways again. Then cut a small slit into the lime wedge to place on the rim of your glass

Carefully cut the ends of the Grapefruit then carefully slice a wheel about a quarter inch thick. Place a small slit in the grapefruit wheel to allow it to sit on the rim of the glass.

Place the Grapefruit wheel on the rim of the glass and then add the lime wedge to the rim of the glass in front of the grapefruit wheel

Enjoy Responsibly!
classic paloma cocktail

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What is your go to drink when you are having Taco Tuesday?

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