Cookies ‘N Cream Cocktail

Cookies ‘N cream cocktail is the perfect combination of vanilla and chocolate flavors in one!

Cookies n cream cocktail

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Vanilla with chocolate cookie flavorings. It’s the best of both worlds here! The chocolate and the vanilla. The ying and the yang all mixed up in one wonderfully looking and delicious tasting cookies ‘n cream cocktail.

I don’t know about you, but I always knew it was going to be a good day when I saw that blue bag come out of the pantry. Add that blue bag to a full glass of milk being poured for dipping. Oh yea, a for sure sign good things are coming!

This cocktail is a nod to those wonderful memories of seeing just how soggy I could get the cookie without it breaking off and falling into the glass. It was quite a risky game. But when the timing was right, the payoff was simply delicious! And dont worry, there was always a rescue spoon for then I tried my luck a little too hard, and it was just as delicious!

This cookies ‘n cream cocktail adds a little spin to that memory, with a boozy version. The same flavors are there thanks to the use of a chocolate liqueur and a vanilla vodka. But, of course, the adult version adds that little extra kick. However I think you will love it! We sure do! Try it out and let us know what you think!

  1. 1 part Vanilla Vodka
  2. 1 part chocolate liqueur
  3. 1 part irish cream
  4. 2 parts half and half
  5. Blended or mashed chocolate vanilla sandwhich cookies for rim (I used 5 which was more than enough) (I also ate a few while making this with no regrets!)
  6. Frosting for Rim (optional but really does take the theme and flavor to the next level on this particular cocktail and will give a very dense and full looking rim)
  7. Chocolate Vanilla Sandwhich cookie for garnish (optional)
  8. Cocktail Shaker (This one is amazing!)
  9. Mini Glass Milk Bottles (I used these)
  10. Blue Striped Straws (I used these)
oreo cookie cocktail

About the Ingredients

Vanilla Vodka is just what it sounds like, vodka that has been infused with vanilla beans

Chocolate liqueur is a base liquor with a distinct and often rich chocolate flavor.

Irish Cream is created using a blend of irish whisky and dairy cream to create a chocolate vanilla taste making it perfect for our cookies ‘n cream cocktail.

Half and Half is simply a mixture of equal parts whole milk and cream

Cookies ‘N Cream Cocktail

Recipe by Jess@cocktailsmocktailsandswizzlesticksCourse: Dessert DrinksDifficulty: Beginner


Prep time


Cooking time




  • 2 oz Vanilla Vodka

  • 2 oz Chocolate Liqueur

  • 2 oz Irish Cream

  • 4 oz Half and Half

  • Blended or mashed chocolate vanilla sandwich cookies for rim (I used 5 which was more than enough)

  • Frosting for Rim

  • Chocolate Vanilla Sandwhich cookie for garnish


  • Use a spoon to scoop vanilla frosting in a big heap. Take your glass and slowly drag the rim through the frosting for an even coating
  • Dip frosted rim of your glass into your crushed or blended cookie mixture, add ice and set aside
  • In cocktail shaker, add ice, 2 oz vanilla vodka, 2 oz chocolate liqueur, 2 oz irish cream and4 oz half and half. Shake vigorously to chill and mix ingredients
  • Pour mixture over ice into your glass.

Garnish Tips

Since I used mini milk bottle glass for this drink and a blue and white striped straw, I did not do a traditional garnish. A chocolate and vanilla sandwhich cookie with a carefully placed slit to sit on the edge of the glass or a mini cookie on a whipped cream top would both make a beautiful (and delicious) garnish for this cookies ‘n cream cocktail though!

Tip: Adding some of the left over crushed up cookie crumbs into the drink also adds a little exta deliciousness and texture to this cocktail!

Enjoy Responsibly
Delicious cookies and cream alcoholic drink

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What is your favorite memory with these delicious cookies?

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