Disney Princess Inspired Mocktails

Disney Princess Inspired Mocktails to add a little extra magic to every little princess’s day

Disney princess inspired mocktails

We have been experimenting and creating mocktails for a while now. And as a Disney lover with a princess obsessed daughter, we have created several mocktails inspired by the wonderfully strong, smart, sassy and magical princesses themselves. Going through the princesses that I grew up with and now that my daughter is growing up with has highlighted that really, being a princess can take so many different forms. And how amazing and fun is that! There is not set mold. And what better message to send to all the princesses and princes out there!

To highlight their differences and spotlight each themed mocktail in one spot, I thought a roundup of our Disney princess inspired non alcoholic drinks would be the perfect post. So here it is!

Wreck It Ralph’s Vanellope Inspired Mocktail

Maybe one of the most spunky princesses in the Disney Universe, Vanellope is also one of my favorites. Her fun loving attitude is full of dedication and determination. And she is a great reminder that you never know whose hero you might be. Plus, she gave us the Disney princess comfy squad! This fun Vanellope inspired drink is a huge hit largely in part to a fun candy rim in tribute to Sugar Rush!

Wreck It Ralph's Vanellope Inspired Non Alcoholic Drink for Kids

Check out the recipe for the Wreck It Ralph’s Inspired Vanellope Mocktail and enjoy the Sugar Rush!

Little Mermaid Inspired Mocktail

Ariel is one of the classic Disney Princesses all the way back from 1989. With her iconic green tail and red hair, kind and gentle heart and of course her beautiful voice the Little Mermaid was a hit! Ariel’s uniqueness is pretty easy to spot given she is a mermaid. And when you combine that with her insatiable curiosity of the unknown. I think everyone can learn a little from Ariel and balance the fear of the unknown with the right amount of curiosity.

Little Mermaid inspired non alcoholic drink

Check out the recipe for The Little Mermaid Inspired Mocktail to be part of her world!

Frozen Inspired Mocktail

Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen was such a strong movie featuring an incredible pair of powerful sisters. When the movie first came out, it took the world by storm (ice storm perhaps!). What I love about this movie is not only does it show strong female characters, truly supportive partners and overcoming challenges, but it also shows the bond of family. And lets be honest, it has some pretty great songs in it too!

Disney's Frozen Inspired Non alcoholic Drink

Check out the recipe for our Frozen Inspired Mocktail for those days when you just want to let it go.

Moana Inspired Mocktail

Moana of Motunui is a strong and fierce princess. Called to the water to try to save her island. Even when she fails, she gets back up and tries again. Despite her fear, she faces her challenges head on. She even faces a Demigod Maui head on for her people and her homeland. Moana is brave beyond her young years and a strong role model. Plus, simialr to Frozen, the movie comes along with a great soundtrack!

Moana Inspired Non Alcoholic Drink

Check out the recipe for our Moana Inspired Mocktail to see how far you’ll go!

Beauty and the Beast Belle Inspired Mocktail

Belle is another member of the classic Disney Princesses. Just a few short years after Ariel, The Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991. What I love about The Beauty and the Beast is its great lesson that things are not always what they seem, to never judge a book by its cover. But what I love about Belle is her thirst for knowledge. She is always devouring books and learning. What a great lesson for young kids that books can open so many doors and are the foundation for so much!

Beauty and the Beast's Belle Inspired Non Alcoholic Drink

Check out the recipe for our Belle Inspired Mocktail and be our guest!

Cinderella Inspired Mocktail

Coming out in 1950, Cinderella, is a long standing member of the classic Disney princess squad. To say Cinderella has a kind heart is an understatement. After experiencing some pretty significant trauma around her dad and being made to serve her stepmother and stepsisters all day, every day, she still manages to give to her animals. The animals in the house that she takes in and feeds and clothes. And even at the ball, Cinderella doesnt even realize she has spent the whole night with the prince, she just knows she met someone who makes her happy.

Cinderella Inspired non alcoholic drink

Check out the recipe for our Cinderella Inspired Mocktail and remember a dream is a wish your heart makes.

That you have it! the 6 Disney Princesses that we have paid tribute to in the form of a fun non alcoholic kids drink! Let us know which one is your favorite! And which one we should pay tribute to next!

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