Donkey Kong Inspired Cocktail

This Donkey Kong Inspired Cocktail is so delicious, you and your friends will all go bananas for it!

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Oh Donkey Kong. I remember racing against DK in the Mario Kart racing games I played with my brother as a kid. I always wanted to be Princess Peach or Toad, but that Donkey Kong was always there at the starting line, played by the computer of course. What I didn’t realize is that Donkey Kong the original game premiered in 1981 by Nintendo. And it was not only DK’s first introduction to the world, but Mario’s as well! So I say thank heavens for Donkey Kong! Because Mario seems to be intertwined throughout my childhood! Lots of good memories thanks to that happy little plumber!

I’m excited to watch Donkey Kong come to life again on the big screen in the new Super Mario Bros. Movie. Alongside the other nostalgic characters like Mario, Lugi, Princess Peach, Toad and Bowser. And take the opportunity to introduce my kids to these beloved characters from our childhood.

Not to mention my excitement for the opening of the new Super Nintendo World in Florida this year! While we are no longer residents of the sunshine state, I think we may just have to make a trip out to see family. And while we are there, check out the new Super Nintendo World, so I can meet these nostalgic characters from my childhood in person!

Gather the ingredients and whip up some of these amazing Donkey Kong Inspired Cocktails for your Super Mario Bros. watch party! They are sure to have the whole audience going bananas! Just make sure all banana peels are disposed of apropriately and dont end up in someones path!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 drinks

1.Banana Flavored Liquor

2.Irish Cream

3.Chocolate Liqueur

4.Half and Half


6.Red stripped Straw (optional I got mine here)

7.Hurrican Glasses


Donkey Kong Inspired Frozen cocktail

About the Ingredients

Banana Liquor is an alcoholic drink with a sweet banana flavoring. Different brands have varying intensitities of banana flavor so you can pick how strong you want that flavor to me. And really, can you make a Donkey Kong drink without a banana flavor? I think not!

Irish Cream is created using a blend of irish whisky and dairy cream to create a chocolatey yet vanilla taste which really complements the banana flavoring very well in this drink.

Chocolate liqueur is a base liquor with a distinct and often rich chocolate flavor. And we all know how well chocolate and banana flavors mix! What better way to eat healthy fruit then by adding some delicious chocolate!

Half and Half is simply a mixture of equal parts whole milk and cream. Hence how it got its clever name.

Donkey Kong Inspired Cocktail

Recipe by Jess@cocktailsmocktailsandswizzlesticksCourse: Character CocktailsDifficulty: Beginner


Cooking time




  • 2 oz Banana Flavored Liquor

  • 2 oz Irish Cream

  • 2 oz Chocolate Liqueur

  • 5 oz Half and Half

  • Ice


  • In a blendor add ice, 2 oz Banana Flavored Liquor, 2 oz Irish Cream, 2 0z Chocolate Liqueur, 5o z half and half
  • Blend until well mixed and desired consistency. (You may have to add more ice as you go depending on how thick you prefer your frozen drinks)
  • Pour into hurrican glass

Enjoy Responsibily!

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What is your favorite memory of Donkey Kong? Who was your go to character in the game?

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