Easy Birthday Cake Cocktail

Easy Birthday Cake Cocktail because really, who doesn’t love birthday cake

birthday cake alcoholic drink

Ah birthdays. The older I get, the more my birthday celebrations tend to change. From more scheduled and planned to relaxed and low key. I’ve gone from lots of people to just a small close group of family and friends. But the one constant, that’s right, you guessed it. The Birthday Cake! I love me a good birthday cake! And I can’t be the only one! The bakery right down the road from my house sells “Everyday Birthday Cake” by the slice! YUM!

Now in all honesty, my tastes and my palate lend themselves more towards the simpler. Yes still to this day even as an adult. So for me, classic birthday cake is my go to! Chocolate and vanilla marbled cake with just a touch of buttercream frosting. And sprinkles of course! I mean, is it even birthday cake without the sprinkles? And the candles on top always mark the anniversary of my 21st birthday! Because lets face it, that’s the last big birthday we all look forward to!

My better half just celebrated the 14th anniversary of his 21st birthday this week and so of course I had to celebrate him. And that seemed like a good opportunity to experiment with a birthday cake cocktail! Full transparency, cake isn’t really his thing. (I know, I know, but I don’t hold it against him. Well at least not anymore.) but this Birthday Cake cocktail was a surprisingly big winner! And its easy to make which makes it a win win in my book!

Grab your frosting and sprinkles, confetti and balloons. Whip up a birthday cake cocktail to celebrate every anniversary of your 21th birthday! Or just because!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 Cocktails

Chocolate Vodka

Cake Vodka

Half and Half


Vanilla Frosting

Cocktail Shaker

Martini Glasses

About the Ingredients

Chocolate Vodka starts with the typical distilled alcoholic beverage that is clear in color and adds the taste of rich chocolate. Yum

Cake Vodka is the same distilled alcoholic beverage described above this time infused with flavorings of cake. Perfect and just what we need for a birthday cake cocktail

Half and Half is a mixture made from half cream and half milk and is just the thing to add to both of our infused vodka flavors to round out the look and taste of birthday cake.

Sprinkles! I feel like Sprinkles make everything a bit more festive. Pick whatever kind of sprinkles are your favorite here and have fun! After all, that is kinda the whole overarching theme of birthdays!

birthday cake cocktail ingredients

How to Make

1)Take your Martini Glasses and slowly drag the rim through the Vanilla Frosting to get a consistent thin coating.

2)Dip the frosted end into a plate of Sprinkles. Again ensuring to get a consistent coating around the whole glass. Gently tap the edge of the glass after coated to remove any excess sprinkles. Add Ice and set glass aside

3)In Cocktail Shaker add ice, 2 oz Cake Vodka, 2 oz Chocolate Vodka, and 4 oz Half and Half. Stir to allow the ingredients to mix well and chill. Shaking may cause the half and half to get a little frothy so I recommended stirring this one.

4)Pour over rimmed martini glass.

Enjoy Responsibily!
birthday cake cocktail

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What is your favorite Birthday celebration or tradition?

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