Elemental’s Ember Inspired Mocktail

Elemental’s Ember Inspired Mocktail for when opposites react.

Disney Pixar Elemental's Ember inspired mocktail

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Disney Pixar’s Elemental made its way into theaters in the summer of 2023. The adorable animated feature follows a familiar storyline of two young adults from opposite words who fall for each other. What makes this feature unique is it is set in Element City. Element City is the home to the four different elemental beings who take after the four elements. Earth, Wind, Air and Fire.

Disney Pixar does a good job of bringing in the science behind the elements throughout the movie in relatable terms for kids. Which I loved as a parent and as a science fan!

The adorable movie follows the main character Ember who is a fire elemental being. Although Ember has quite the temper, she is working to conquer it while trying to save Fire Town and make her father proud. What I loved about Ember is her remarkable resemblance to my own little spark of fire, my daughter. Big temper, but also big heart. Determine and set in her own way and bound to find a way no matter what.

Check out how the elements react to each other in Disney Pixar’s Elemental with this fun and easy Elemental’s Ember Inspired Mocktail

Elemental’s Ember Inspired Mocktail Ingredients

Crush Orange Drink Packet (You can find it here)

Crush Strawberry Drink Packet (You can find it here)


Club Soda

Gold Sanding Sugar (I used this one)

Low Ball Glasses (I used these plastic ones)

Red Striped Straw (I used these)

Orange Wheel for garnish

Disney Pixar Elemental's ember nspired mocktail recipe

About the Ingredients

Crush Orange and Strawberry Drink Packet bring all the flavor you know and love from the Crush brand in a mix in single serve packet

Club Soda is a carbonated water with added minerals to create a mildly salty taste.

Elemental’s Ember Inspired Mocktail Recipe (3 Drinks)

1)Rim your Low Ball Glasses with Gold Sanding Sugar. Gently tap each glass to remove any excess sugar. Add Ice and set aside.

2)In 16 oz of water, mix 1 Packet Crush Orange Drink Packet and 1/4 Packet of Crush Strawberry Drink Packet. Mix until fully dissolved.

3)Pour evenly into each rimmed glass

4)Top with Club Soda

5)Add Orange Wheel Garnish to the rim of each glass

6)Add Red Striped Straw


Disney's Elemental's Ember Inspired Mocktail

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Who was your favorite character in the new Elemental movie?

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