Exhausted Parent Coffee Cocktail

The exhausted parent coffee cocktail for when you are exhausted and still need to function but you are past the energy drink phase!

coffee cocktail

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I think we have all experienced exhaustion too many times to count in our lives. And as we get older, it feels like the exhaustion gets harder and harder to shake that exhaustion. But we still have to function.

The other thing that changes as I get older, is that my energy drink of choice for a little hit of caffeine is coffee! I started drinking coffee when I got my first full time job while in college. I remember my boss teaching me how to make it since I never had before. And me telling him how I didn’t drink coffee. Have always loved the smell but didn’t like the taste. Well, that lasted a whole 2 weeks before I started being the first to get a full cup every day!

And now that I am a parent, I need that daily caffeine injection. Because there is no time to rest and no time to catch a break. And we need to be on the ball and functioning at all times. And when we want to enjoy a night after the kids go to bed, most of the time I’m just too tired. And that was my inspiration behind the exhausted parent coffee cocktail. Giving that extra kick of caffeine and energy for when you still want to function and have fun after a full day of adulting, in an adult kind of way.

Check out the exhausted parent coffee cocktail after you have had a long day of parenting and adulting but yet you still want a little time for yourself!


Coffee (I used strong coffee here to make sure the coffee flavor is the boldest in the drink)

Caramel Vodka

Chocolate Vodka

Half and Half

Chocolate Sauce (I used this one from Amazon. What I like about it is not only its thicker consistency but also the squeeze bottle makes it easy to add to the glasses)

Low Ball Glasses

iced coffee cocktail for exhausted parents

About the Ingredients

Coffee is a drink that is brewed from coffee beans and can have a bit of a bitter flavor

Caramel Vodka is a distilled beverage that is clear in color with a hit of caramel tastes

Chocolate Vodka is another distilled drink that is clear in color only this time with a hint of chocolate flavorings.

Half and Half is made from equal parts cream and milk.

Recipe for Exhausted Parent Coffee Cocktail

1)Rim your Low Ball Glasses with Chocolate Sauce ensuring to get a consistent layer around the glass. (tip, I typically error on adding the sauce to the inside of the rim. This allows the sauce to drip into the drink adding extra chocolate flavor vs outside the drink adding chocolate mess). Add Ice and set aside.

2)In a Cocktail Shaker add ice 4 oz Coffee, 2 oz Chcolate Vodka, 2 oz Caramel Vodka and 4 oz Half and Half. . tir until well mixed and chilled.

3)Pour over ice into rimmed low ball glasses

Enjoy Responsibly!

coffee inspired cocktail for exhausted adults

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What is your go to source of energy when you’re exhausted from a long day (or week or month) of adulting and or parenting?

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