Finding Nemo Inspired Mocktail

Finding Nemo Inspired Mocktail because when the going gets tough, we have to just keep swimming.

Finding Nemo officially turns 20 this year. Making its debut on the big screen back in 2003, Finding Nemo was an instant Disney Pixar classic living up to all the things one expects from an early 2000s animated Disney Pixar film. Starting off with a disastrous and heart breaking opening scene, the movie goes on to warm your heart. And if you’re like me, maybe even bring a tear to your eye. Well in all fairness, most Disney Pixar movies do these days. As one father crosses an entire ocean to find and protect his only son. And as his son comes to really understand how much his father loves him. How much more heart warming can you get?!

And lets not forget Dory. Let’s be honest, I think Dory actually steals the show. Her fun, childlike outlook on life is in such a stark contract to Nemo’s dads after the tragedies he has experienced. But she teaches him to look forward and well, just keep swimming. Because the past is well, in the past. But we do have our futures ahead of us. And I cannot be the only one who feels as though Dory stole the show given the sequel of Finding Nemo is centered around her. Even the title, Finding Dory!

Grab the remote and some popcorn and lets learn to make a wonderfully adventurous Finding Nemo Inspired Mocktail and settle into watching Nemo, Dory and Marlin on the big screen, And no matter what life throws our way, remember to just keep swimming.

Ingredients and Barware for 3 Mocktails

Sunny Delight


Whole Orange

Vanilla Frosting (optional for rim)

White Sanding Sugar

Black stiped Straw (optional but does provide that bit of black to round out the Nemo and Marlin look)

4 Low Ball Glasses

Cocktail Shaker

About the Ingredients

Sunny Delight is an orange flavored drink with an orange color typically targeted and marketed towards kids. It provides a good orange base color for our Nemo drink

Lemonade is a lemon flavored drink with added sweetness thanks to some sugar of course to decrease the tartness of the lemons. Lemonade is a frequent standard item in a bar. And its light yellow coloring mixes well with our Sunny Delight to keep the perfect Nemo orange

How to Make

Take the rim of your low ball glasses carefully through the vanilla frosting to get a consistent thin coating all around the rim

Dip the rim in the White Sanding Sugar. Add ice and set aside

In a cocktail shaker or large pourable container, combine 2.5 cups of Sunny Delight and 1 cup of lemonade. Add ice to chill and mix thoroughly.

Slowly pour over ice into your rimmed low ball glasses

Add orange wheel garnish

Add black striped straw to really add the final touches to this Finding Nemo Inspired drink

Garnish Tips

Make sure the outside of the orange is clean since it will come in contact with the drink. Carefully slice the end of the orange off. Then carefully slice three rings roughly a quarter of an inch in thickness. Add a small slice into each of the rings to allow the orange wheel to sit on the rim of the glass while being careful not to go past the white center.


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Which Finding Nemo movie is your favorite? Who is your favorite character?

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