Froot Loops Cocktail

Froot Loops cocktail drink for whatever froots your loop.

froot loops alcoholic drink

Froot loops cereal has been around for a long time. Kellogs introduced the cereal in 1963, meaning at the time of this post, it is 70 years old! The sweetened breakfast cereal with a fruity flavor, loop shape and sea of bright colors was a hit. And along with the introduction of the cearl, came the introduction of its beloved mascot, Tucan Sam. Who was also a hit in households! And who could always trust his nose to find a bowl of the deliciously fruity cereal! As he would say “Follow your nose, it always knows!”

Although there are several different colors of froot loops in each box that have changed over the years, they each contain the same flavor. A deliciouly sweet fruity blend. And there have been several new additions to the Froot Loops line over the years including jumbo loops, marshmellows and golden bars. But the original Froot Loops cereal in the red box is still my favorite!

As a kid, I remember Froot Loops would come out of the pantry on the weekends. And man, when that red box made its appearance on the kitchen table, you knew it was going to be a great weekend morning. One filled with fruity flavors, overly sweetened cereal milk and early morning cartoons in our pjs.

Make this easy Froot Loops cocktail drink and remember those lazy weekend mornings drinking sweetened cereal milk right out of the bowl in your pjs!


Fruit Vodka

Half and Half


Froot Loops Cereal (crushed up)

Vanilla Frosting (for rim)

Red Striped Straw (optional)

Martini Glasses

Cocktail Shaker

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About the Ingredients

Fruity Vodka is a distilled alcoholic drink that is clear in color but has a very distinct and robust fruity flavor, just like our Froot Loop Cereal. (I used Three Olives Loopy Vodka)

Half and Half is a mixture of equal parts milk and cream and makes for a good base for this milk and Froot Loops inspired cocktail.

Grenadine is a red mixin with a cherry flavor, adding a red color to our cocktail just like the milk after eating a bowl of Froot Loops as well as adding to the fruity flavor.

Froot Loop Cocktail Recipe

1)Smash about a cup of Froot Loop Cereal. (Tip: Place fruit loops in a zip lock bag, remove the air, seal it and place between 2 dish towels. Carefully use the flat side of a meat tendorizer to smash the cereal. This does not take much strength or effort to do given the texture of the cereal)

2)Take the rim of your martini glasses and run them though the Vanilla Frosting to get a consistent thin layer to help the froot loops stick to the rim

3)Dip the frosted rim of your glasses into the smashed Froot Loop Cereal again getting a thin but consistent coating. Gently tap each glass to remove any excess cereal. Add ice and set aside

4)In a Cocktail Shaker, add ice 6oz Half and Half, 4 oz Fruity Vodka, and 1 oz Grenadine. Stir until well mixed and chilled.

5)Pour into rimmed martini glasses

6)Add Red Striped Straw

Enjoy Responsibly!

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fruit loops adult drink

What is your favorite childhood memory around a fun food? Which nostalgic food should we experiment with next?

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