Frozen Caramel Coffee Cocktail

Frozen Caramel Coffee Cocktail for those hot summer days with a boost of energy

Frozen caramel coffee cocktail

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This isn’t the first cocktail recipe that I have experimented with that involves that delicious caffeine delivery method of that is coffee. And it won;t be the last. Why? Because there is just something about the taste of coffee. It is delicious and refreshing and a perfect every day drink to turn boozy.

I love iced coffee. Probably more than traditional coffee served hot. To me, hot coffee is the mourning routine to help get me prepared and ready for a day of work. But cold coffee, well that’s to help me get prepared and ready for a day of fun! But frozen coffee? Like a coffee slushie? Now that is a sign of fun already in progress!

This drink isnt very complicted to make and can easily be made over ice instead of frozen, But that’s just not quite as fun.

Get ready for your adult boozy dose of caffeine with this frozen caramel coffee cocktail to add a little fun and energy to your summer fun!


Strong Coffee

Heavy Whipping Cream

Caramel Syrup (I used this Salted Caramel Syrup from Amazon. So good!)

Caramel Vodka

Caramel Sauce (this is the one I used)


Fun Striped Straw (I used these)

Blender (This is the one I use when blending up drinks)

About the Ingredients

Coffee is brewed from coffee beans and can have a bit of a bitter flavor. We want a strong coffee for this since it will get blended with ice diluting the flavor.

Heavy Whipping Cream is the high fat portion of milk.

Caramel Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage with caramel flavors that is clear in color.

Caramel Syrup adds an extra bit of buttery caramel flavor to this drink

Frozen Caramel Coffee Cocktail Recipe

1)In your blender, add 4 oz Strong coffee, 4 oz Caramel Vodka, 3 oz Heavy Whipping Cream and 2 oz Caramel Syrup. Add ice to blender

2)Blend all ingredients together

3)Rim two glasses with Caramel Sauce. (Tip: I tend to lean towards the inside of the glass with sauces. That way, when it drips, it adds extra flavor to the drink without the mess!)

4)Pour frozen drink into rimmed glasses

5)Add Fun Striped Straw.

Enjoy Responsibily!

Frozen caramel coffee cocktail alcoholic drink

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What is your favorite frozen adult drink?

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