Fruity Pebbles Inspired Cocktail

Fruity Pebbles Inspired Cocktail; for the fruity way to rock!

Fruity Pebbles is a very popular breakfast cereal that has been around for over 50 years now. Its bright colors and explosion of fruity flavors in every bite make it a fun way to start the day. Although bright and fun, it’s not necessarily packed with a lot of nutrients to get your day started. But, it is a pretty fun treat every so often. Or heck, it’s perfect even for a late night snack. And yes, I am speaking from experience here!

And despite not being the most nutritious of options, this cereal feels like such an icon for a 90s kid like myself. I have such fond memories of Saturday morning cartoons in my pjs with a big bowl of fruity pebbles cereal and lots of mik in the bowl. And the Flintstones of course! I don’t think you can talk about Fruity Pebbles with a mention of the famous bedrock family and mascots of the cereal. And one of the best parts of this nostolic cereal that I remember oh so fondly is the way the milk tasted after the cereal was gone.

Now, I am not a huge milk drinker, never really have been. But, Fruity Pebbles cereal milk, straight out of the bowl, now that just hit different. You could still taste the fruity explosion of flavors left over from the cereal in the milk. And that flavor and feeling was the inspiration behind this fun and fruity cocktail.

Take a trip down memory lane with me, grab a box of Fruity Pebbles cereal and enjoy this Fruity Pebbles Inspired Cocktail and let that familar taste bring on the nostalgia for simpler days of Saturday morning cartoons in your pjs!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 Cocktails

Loopy Vodka

Half and Half

Blue Curaco


Mini Milk Bottle Glasses (these are not needed, any style of glass works but these just make this a little more fun)

Fruity Pebbles Cereal in a bowl for rim

Frosting (optional for rim)

Yellow Striped Straw

About the Ingredients

Loopy Vodka is a distilled alcoholic drink that is clear in color and has a very distinct fruity flavor.

Half and Half is half cream and half milk to give this drink the base flavoring to mimic the taste of that after cereal bowl of milk

Blue Curaco derives its orangy taste from the dried leaves of the citrus fruit that is grown on the Island of Curaco. The orangy tastes fits in perfectly with our fruity flavored drink. Despite its orange flavor, the liquor has a vibrant blue color.

Grenadine is one of the heaviest drink mix-ins with a cherry flavoring and bright red coloring.

How to Make

1.Take the rim of your mini milk bottles (or any glass really) and drag it through the frosting to get a consistent thin layer. Dip the frosted rim into Fruity Pebbles cereal ensuring to get a consistent rim of the delicious cereal. Add Ice and set aside.

2.In a cocktail shaker add ice, 4 oz Loopy Vodka, 5 oz Half and Half, 2 oz Blue Curaco and 1/2 oz Grenadine. Place cap and shake vigerously until well mixed and chilled. It will turn a soft blue color, just like milk after a fruity cereal!

3.Pour over ice into Fruity Pebbles rimmed glass.

Enjoy Responsibly!

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Which cereal growing up was your pick for Saturday morning cartoons?

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