Ghost Spider Inspired Mocktail

Ghost Spider Inspired Mocktail; all the spidey capabilities, with a flare of her own

Ghost spider inspired non alcoholic drink

Ok so by now you know that Spiderman is a favorite in our house. So much so, in fact, that for Halloween one year, we had three tiny versions of all the spiderman from the different universes. Spin, Spidey and of course, Ghost Spider.

I know that Ghost Spider rocks a very cool (yet very hard to keep clean) white outfit with bright pink eyes, a bit of purple and a bit of teal. And I also know that she rocks a bright pink stripe of hair and plays the drums. Plus she is a fierce super heroine. Admittedly, I didnt know much more about her than that. Until making a Ghost Spider non alcoholic drink for my own little ghost spider to drink and watch her favorite version of Spiderman on the big screen that is.

Is Peter Parker as Spidey or Miles Morales as Spin more your speed? No worries, we have you covered with a Miles Morales Inspired Mocktail. And check back soon for Spidey to get his day!

Gwen Stacy, aka Ghost Spider, is bitten by a radioactive spider in her universe instead of Peter Parker. Which made her the spiderwomen of her universe. With a different upbringing than Peter, it takes Gwen a little more time to find her path in using her newfound Spider powers for good. And ultimately become the heroine of her universe.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, the spiderverse is amazing! It opens up so many possibilities for our favorite Marvel characters! A way to open up new worlds to different versions of all the characters we know and love in the Marvel universe. Possibly even those who have passed on.

Create a Ghost Spider Inspired non alcoholic drink to enjoy and watch the next edition in the Spiderman Spiderverse saga to find out who we will meet next!

Ingredients and Barware for 1 Mocktail

Squeezed Lemonde Flavor Vitamin Water


Pink Sanding Sugar

Lemon Wedge (optional for rim)

Teal or Purple striped straw

Low Ball Glass

About the Ingredients

Squeezed Lemonade Flavor Vitamin Water is a water that has been infused with vitamins and minerals and sweetened to provide a light lemonade flavor. The opaque color of this drink is perfect for our Ghost Spider themed zero proof drink.

Lemonade is a lemon flavored drink with added sweetness typically from sugar. It is used in this drink to add a little potency to the light lemonade flavor of the vitamin water without tinting the coloring of the non alcoholic drink.

How to Make

1.Rim the low ball glass with Pink Sanding Sugar. Add Ice and set aside (If you have a Lemon Wedge, rub the fleshy part of the lemon around the rim of the glass before dipping into your sanding sugar to help the sugar adhear to the glass better)

2.Fill glass 3/4 the way full with Squeezed Lemonade Flavor Vitamin Water.

3.Top off with Lemonade

4.Use a swizzle stick or spoon to gently stir the ingredients together

5.Add Teal or Purple Striped Straw (Heck, or both if you want to go all out!) to complete the Ghost Spider look.

Ghost Spider Inspired zero proof drink

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What is your favorite show or movie to watch with Gwen Stacy as Ghost Spider?

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