Green Lucky Charms Mocktail

Check out this delicious and easy Green Lucky Charms Mocktail, it’s fun to make and magically delicious!

Green Lucky Charms Mocktail for St. Patrick's Day

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This is not my first recipe that I have experimented with that contains the magically delicious and nostalgic inducing breakfast cereal that is Lucky Charms. With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, and how easy and delicious my first Lucky Charms inspired drink was, I just seemed like the perfect time to make a new drink after Lucky the Lepracaun himself! Only this time, one the kids can enjoy too!

This drink is easy to make with only a few ingredients (don’t worry, of course Lucky Charms is on the list!). But its few simple ingredients still come together to create a bright green color and pleasing taste, perfect for St, Patrick’s day and Lucky himself.

Grab that iconic red box with the rainbow and pot of gold and celebrate Lucky the Lepracaun this St. Patrick’s Day with a Green Lucky Charms Mocktail that’s magically delicious!

Ingredients for Green Lucky Charms Mocktail

Lucky Charms Cereal

Lucky Charms Green Marshmellows separated out

Lemon Lime Soda

Vanilla Frosting (optional for rim)

Low Ball Glasses (These plastic ones are great for kids)

Medium Pourable Container

Blender (This is my favorite blender for drinks)

Green Striped Straws (I used these)

Green Lucky Charms Mocktail recipe

About the Ingredients

Lucky Charms cereal made its debut in 1964 when General Mills challenged their team to come up with something unique by using their exisiting manufacturing avaibility of one of their principle cereals, Cherrios.

Lemon Lime Soda provides carbination and just a hint of citrus flavor. Plus it’s clear color allows it to take on the perfect lepaucran green from the Lucky Charms for our Lucky Charms Mocktail!

Recipe for Green Lucky Charms Mocktail

Yields 2 drinks

1) Separate the Lucky Charms green marshmellows from the rest of the cereal and blend. (you only need about 20 green marshmellows to get the green Lucky color)

2) Slowly run the rim of the Low Ball Glasses in the frosting to create a consistent coating of frosting on the outside only Put Lucky Charms cereal in a bowl and dip the frosted rim of the low ball glasses into the cereal. You may need to press some cereal on to get the whole rim consistently covered to your preference. Add Ice and set aside

3)Add 12 oz Lemon Lime Soda and Crushed Green Lucky Charms Marshmellows to Medium Pourable Container

4)Stir gently until you reach the desired color

5)Pour Green Mixture into rimmed Low Ball Glasses

6)Add Green Striped Straw


Lucky charms drink for kids

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What is your favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition?

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