Halloween Themed Drinks for Kids

Halloween themed drinks for kids to make spooky season extra fun.

Halloween Themed drinks for kids

Spooky season is one of the most anticipated seasons in our house. I’m not sure if it’s because of the welcome weather change as it starts to get cooler outside. The thought of so much candy and sweets. Decorating the house in not-so-scary fun halloween decorations. Getting to dress up in costumes and have fun with family and friends. Or, more then likley the case, all the above!

Either way, I’m all for it! Not-so-spooky halloween is probably my favorite season of the year as well! And adding some fun halloween themed non alcoholic drinks for kids to the mix has made it even more fun!

Check out these fun and easy Halloween themed non alcoholic drinks to add a little extra fun and magic to spooky season this year!

Orange Halloween Punch

This Orange Halloween Punch just screams halloween! With its bright orange color combined with the black straw and halloween sprinkles, even from across the room, its iconic halloween colors make it pop! Not only does this orange punch drink look like halloween, but its delcious and easy to make too! I call that a win win!

Orange Halloween Punch for Kids

Check out this Orange Halloween Punch recipe when you want to add a little extra orange and black to your halloween events!

Monster’s Inc. Inspired Mocktail Foat

If you want the perfect not so spooky Halloween movie that is fun for the whole family, the Monster’s Inc, franchise is really hard to beat. I am not sure there is anything more wholesome then friendly monsters and a human baby working to save each other. I may also be a little biased because the Monster’s Inc. movies are my personal favorite Halloween movies! And what better way to watch them than with a Sully inspired mocktail float to go with them!

Monsters Inc Sully Inspired Mocktail floats for kids

Check out this Monsters. Inc. Sully Inspired Mocktail Float for when you want to celebrate spooky season but also have some laughs along the way!

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Inspired Drink

What better way to celebrate the Halloween season then with a fun drink inspired by the Pumpkin King himself! Jack Skellington is the most popular citizen of Halloween Town and the Pumpkin King! His love for all things Halloween has sparked a cult-like following and The Nightmare Before Christmas often signals the start of spooky season for many households.

the nightmare before chrismtas jack skellington inspired mocktail

Enjoy a fun Halloween drink inspired by the Pumpking King himself in this Jack Skellington Inspired Mocktail for when you just know things are real.

These three fun spooky season drinks are perfect for Halloween events and activities for the whole family!

What is your favorite Halloween tradition?

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