Ice Cream Cone Shots

Ice cream cone shots because sometimes, you can’t decide between an ice cream cone or a boozy treat. And why should you have to?

Ice Cream Cone Shots Recipe

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Ever since I was little, ice cream has been the dessert above all else. The freezer always had ice cream in it. And if for some strange reason it didn’t, well a trip to the store was promptly made. That doesnt mean we always had ice cream for dessert every day, but it was always there for the frequent occasions that we did.

So I guess what I’m saying is ice cream holds a special place in my heart. And therefore, it seems fitting to make a fun boozy experiment that revolves around ice cream! The other thing that I just love is miniatures. There is just something so adorable when it comes to everyday items, in miniature format! And I cannot be the only one who feels this way given how big the miniature market is these days.

So of course I had to make miniature ice cream cone shots.Using an actual ice cream cone and typical ice cream toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate and sprinkles.

Gather your favorite ice cream toppings and make these ice cream cone shots for when you want a fun boozy treat sure to wow your audience!


Cake Vodka

Whipping Cream

Small Ice Cream Cones

Chocolate chips

Reddi Whip

Sprinkles (These are the ones I used from Amazon!)

About the Ingredients

Cake Vodka is a clear distilled alcohol with the flavor of cake! Yum!

Heavy Whipping Cream is the high fat portion of milk.

Reddi Whip is whipped cream that is sweetened and comes out of its pressureized container thanks to nitrious oxide

Ice Cream Cone Shots Recipe (3 shots)

1Take three Ice Cream Cones and carefull cut the tops off so you are just let with the bottoms (I used a long serrerated knife to cut mine)

2)Melt your chocolate chips. (Follow the instruction on the package of chips you have)

3)Dip the cut portion of your mini cones into the Melted Chocolate

4)Sprinkle with Sprinkles

5)Set upright and spoon a small amount of melted chocolate into the bottom of the cone ensuring to get the bottom covered. You may need a food safe paintbrush to do this) This helps to seal the bottom so your shot doesn’t dissolve the cone and spill.

6) In a cocktail shaker add ice 2 oz Cake Vodka and 1 oz Whipping Cream. Shake until well mixed and chilled

7)Pour into mini ice cream cones.

8)Add Reddi Whip to each shot

9)Top with Sprinkles!

Enjoy Responsibly!

Ice Cream Cone Shots Recipe

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What is your favorite dessert?

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