Inside Out’s Disgust Inspired Mocktail

Inside Out’s Disgust inspired mocktail. Sometimes it can be hard to keep a straight face with your full of disgust But sometimes you just have to let her say the truth to get to the good stuff!

Disney Pixar Inside Out's Disgust Inspired Mocktail for kids

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Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is such a great animated movie. The movie has an ability to tackle very complex and challenging topics. Topics like emotions, social awareness and their impact to mental health at a young level. Which is nothing short of amazing. Disgust is of course depicted as a cool green color. And she is one cool emotion who is not afraid to let it show when things are not up to her standards.

Disgust is one of the three emotions left in command central when Joy and Sadness go missing. Although Disgust is not one of the main emotions throughout the move, she does play a role as Riley is developing to understand her likes and dislikes. And sometimes, understanding her likes and dislikes creates connection. Like with her mom over the style of pizza in her new city that is one she definitely does NOT like.

Give this Green and easy Inside Out’s Disgust inspired mocktail a try for all things cool! And despite its character, it will leave you full of all the emotions except Disgust!

Ingredients for Inside Out’s Disgust Inspired Mocktail

Green Powerade Melon Flavor

Ginger Ale

Green Sanding Sugar (this is the one I used)

Kiwi Slice

Low Ball Glass (These plastic ones are my favorite for kids)

Disney Pixar Inside Out's Disgust Inspired Mocktail Recipe

About the Ingredients

Green Powerade Melon Flavor is a sports drink that is filled with electrolytes and vitamins boasting a cool melon flavor. Its green color makes this perfect for our Inside Out’s Disgust Inspired mocktail

Ginger Ale is a carbinated beverage with a mild ginger flavor. It is a common item found in a bar and is often used as a mixer due to its mild flavor and light color.

Inside Out’s Disgust Inspired Mocktail

Recipe by Jess@cocktailsmocktailsandswizzlesticksCourse: Character MocktailDifficulty: Beginner


Prep time


Cooking time




  • Green Powerade Melon Flavor

  • Ginger Ale

  • Green Sanding Sugar

  • Kiwi Slice


  • Rim your low ball glass with Green Sanding Sugar. Tap the glass to remove any excess sugar. Add ice
  • Add Green Powerade Melon Flavor over ice until 3/4 full
  • Top with Ginger Ale
  • Add clean Kiwi Slice to rim of the glass for garnish.


Disney Pixar Inside Outs Disgust drink for kids

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Which emotion do you relate to the most in Inside Out?

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