Jolly Rancher Shooters

Delicious Jolly Rancher Shooters, for whatever life throws at you!

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Ok, I think we can all agree that Jolly Rancher hard candies are delicious! I will use any excuse to grab a bag of them. No really, any excuse at all. Road trip? Grab a bag of Jolly Ranchers! Going to a sporting event? Pack some Jolly Ranchers! Sore throat? Who needs cough drops when you have a great excuse to unwrap and enjoy Jolly Rancher hard candies instead! But did you know how the candy company that initially produced Jolly Ranchers came to get its name? Yea, me either! The Jolly Rancher company was founded by a company owned by a couple in Colorado. They chose the name Jolly Rancher so consumers would think of them as a fun and friendly company from the West. The Jolly Rancher brand has since been bought by Hershey. With being bought by Hershey, came a whole new line of delicious candies with the same Jolly Rancher Flavors. I think its safe to say we are all winners with that outcome!

And speaking of Jolly Rancher flavors, while they are all amazingly delicious, blue razzberry is my absolute favorite! From the smell, to the taste and even right down to the blue tongue you get after eating them. And that is the inspiration behind this Jolly Rancher Shooter! Jolly Rancher candies with an emphasis to the house hold favorite, blue razzberry!

So lets make these Jolly Rancher Shooters for our next party and we can all be jolly for whatever life throws at us!


Sour Razzin’ Berry Moonshine (Ole Smokey Tennessee Moonshine makes this and it is delicious! Pretty much tastes like liquid adult candy in a mason jar)

Simple Syrup

About the Ingredients

Sour Razzin’ Berry Moonshine is moonshine with flavorings of tasty blue raspberry and a touch of sour and a perfectly blue color. Perfect for our Blue Raseberry Jolly Rancher shot.

Simple syrup is simply a mixture of equal parts water and sugar boiled until fully dissolved and slightly thickened. It is a staple ingreditent in most bars as its frequently used to sweeten cocktails without having issues of sugar dissolving fully in a cold drink

How to Make

These shooters are about as simple as they come! Which is great, easy to make which leaves more time to enjoy them and whatever life throws your way.

1.Add 1.5 oz of Sour Razzin’ Berry Moonshine to your shot glass. I used these awesome square shot glasses as a nod to the shape of the Jolly Rancher Candies this shot is in tribute to. I think these are my new favorite shot glasses to be honest.

2.Add a splash of Simple Syrup. This just adds an extra touch of sweetness to your Jolly Rancher Shooters

Enjoy Responsibly!

Just like I said, pretty darn easy! And yet, so good! The only problem with this drink recipe is that it doesn’t actually require any Jolly Rancher candies. Thats ok though because to really set the theme for these Jolly Rancher shooters, I recommend scattering the blue ones around in front of the shots! And of course eating one to compare to how delicious these shots are! Check out some of these other candy inspired shooters like these Twizzlers Pull’n’peel shooters, these Starburst shooters, or this Sour Patch Kids Infused Vodka Sprite!

Which Jolly Rancher flavor is your favorite? One of the original 5 or one of their new flavors?

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