Junior Mints Inspired Shot

Junior Mints inspired shot for when you want that chocolate and pepermint delicious taste!

Junior Mints inspired shot recipe

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Junior Mints were first introduced to candy lovers back in 1949. The delicious and refreshing candy consists of mint filling wrapped in smooth semi sweet chocolate. Each Junior Mint is a perfectly popable size to pop into your mouth. The brand is easily recognized by the iconic white box with green letters. When I think of Junior Mints two things come to mind, movie theather candy and agruably one of the most iconic shows of the 90s, Senifield.

Why Junior Mints remind me of movie theater candy doesn’t really need much explanation. It’s pretty simple really. That iconic white box I talked about fits alongside the rest of the movie theater candy boxes. Meaning it can almost always be found sitting at the consession stand of your local movie theater just waiting to be bought for an outrageous price!

Why it reminds me of Seinfeld, well that would be because the uber popular show dedicated an entire episode around the candy! In fact, the episode is called “The Junior Mint”. Seinfeld is one of those shows where we have seen every episode so many times but it never gets old. The show about nothing that tackles everything.

Snag that iconic white box and enjoy a Junior Mint inspired shot for when you want something chocolate, peppermint and delicious!


Light Cream De Cacao

Peppermint Schnapps

Chocolate Sauce (This is the one I used. I like it because of its easy squeeze bottle and cap!)

Round Shot Glasses (These are the ones I used)

About the Ingredients

Creme de Cacao boasts a chocolately flavor and is made up mainly of vodka and coco beans. Just the chocolate touch needed for a Junior Mints inspired shot

Peppermint Schnapps comes from natural grain alcohol and is flavored with peppermint leaves with a dash of sugar for a little extra sweetening. You can’t really have a Junior Mints inspired shot without peppermint!

Junior Mints Inspired Shot Recipe (2 shots)

1)Take your Round Shot Glasses and rim them with your Chocolate Sauce. I put the chocolate on the inside of the rim allowing the chocolate to drip into the glass. Adding an extra bit of chocolate to the drink and less mess on the glass.

2) In a cocktail shaker add ice 2 oz Peppermint Schnapps and 1 oz Creme De Cacao. Shake until well mixed and chilled

3)Pour into rimmed shot glasses.

Enjoy Responsibly!

Junior Mints Inspired Shot recipe

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