Lego Movie Inspired Mocktail

The Lego Movie Inspired Mocktail for when Everything is Awesome!

Legos everywhere. Tiny little lego bricks, medium lego bricks, heck even the toddler bigger duplo legos. Once you enter the phase of Legos in life, I am convinced you will be finding them forever. Most likely be stepping on them accidentally in the middle of the night with your bare feet!

But all of that aside, we love Legos in this house. They are so much fun and really there is something for everyone. We love Legos so much, we had a FOURever building themed birthday party for one year and spent a special 5th birthday party at Legoland in Florida! And the Lego industry has really blown up to so much more than just bricks! Almost everything now comes in a Lego version. Super heroes, movie characters, cars, and even movies.

That’s right, you guessed it! This week’s movie themed mocktail is The Lego Movie inspired! And I think this one might be my favorite one yet! The Lego Movie is honestly, adorable and not really what I expected when I first saw it. It has a lot of good values inside of it that may be geared towards kids, but honestly speaks to a lot of adults too.

The movie discusses things like confidence, practice, and teamwork as well as perfection. And I’m sure there are other 90s kids out there that these things hit close to home for!

If you like to build Legos by the instructions, design your own creations or watch Emmett on the big screen, lets make this Lego Movie Inspired Mocktail because everything is awesome!


Jello (I used 3 different colors) I picked the three primary colors because that is what I think of when I think of Legos but whatever colors you want will work here!

Silicone Lego Molds

Propel Water


Yellow Striped Straws

About the Ingredients

Jello is a gelitan based dessert that is soft and giggly and also low calorie

Propel is a brand of flavored water that contains electrolyed and other vitamins

Lemon Lime Soda gives this drink a touch of carbination and fizziness while adding just a hit of citrus flavors.

How to make

**the prep for this mocktail takes about 2 days of freeze time depending on how many colors of lego ice cubes you want to make**

1) Prepare your Jello using only half of the cold water the box calls for. Once the Jello is fully dissolved, carefully pour into lego molds. (I found it each to have the molds on a cookie sheet for ease of moving them)

2)Place into the freezer until fully frozen (about 5-6 hours) Pop out each frozen Jello Lego ice cube carefully, the little brick pieces tend to get stuck.

3)Repeat for each color of lego ice you want to make (here is where the extra prep time comes in, the drink itself is actually very quick)

4)Place the frozen Jello Ice cubes into low ball glasses with the brick look facing out. These wont melt so you have some extra time to get your placement right.

5)Add Propel water (I used Berry flavor) to each low ball glass until 3/4 of the way full.

6)Top off with Sprite

7)Add Yellow Striped Straw


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What is your favorite way to Lego? Build with instructions, create as you go, watch on the big screen or something else entirely?

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