Little Blue Truck Inspired Milkshake

Check out this Little Blue Truck inspired milkshake because sometimes you just need a helping hand from a few good friends!

little blue truck inspired milkshake recipe

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Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle has been known in our house since before our oldest was born. Gifted to me as an expecting mom to be by a friend with the wise words of “this is a classic. You will love it”. To this day, over 7 years later, this book is still a favorite that is pulled from the shelf frequently to help my little one drift off to sleep.

At this point, I think I can almost quote this book from memory. I know all of the fun friends the Little Blue Truck meets along their journey. And I love the message the book is teaching. Treating people with respect because it’s the right thing to do. And someday, they may surprise you.

The Little Blue Truck has now become a series with several amazing and fun stories my kids love with their same loveable characters, and of course, little Blue!

Learn how to make this Little Blue Truck inspired milkshake for a little bit of comfort and remember that sometimes you just need a helping hand from a few good friends by your side!

Ingredients for Little Blue Truck Inspired Milkshake

Vanilla Ice Cream

Blue Curaco Syrup (I used this)


Chocolate Pudding

Silver Sanding Sugar (These are the ones I used)

Milkshake Glasses (I used these from Amazon)

Black Striped Straws (These are the straws I used)

Little Blue Truck orange flavored Milkshake

About the Ingredients

Vanilla Ice Cream is one of the most popular flavors of ice cream that is made by mixing cream, sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla

Blue Curaco derives its orangy taste from the dried leaves of the citrus fruit that is grown on the Island of Curaco. Despite its orange flavor, it has a vibrant blue color, which is exactly what we need for this Little Blue Truck inspired Milkshake.

Recipe for Little Blue Truck Inspired Milkshake

Yields 2 Milkshakes

1.Prepare Choclolate Pudding per directions on the package

2. Dip each Milkshake Glass into the pudding to get a chocolate rim

3. Sprinkle Sliver Sanding Sugar over the pudding rim for a silver look like our dependable Little Blue Truck and set aside (Tip. Do not prepare these too far in advance or the pudding may start to get warm)

4.Combine 1 Cup of Milk and 4 teaspoons of Blue Curaco Syrup. Stir until well mixed.

5.In a Blender (I used the amazing Ninja Creami!) Combine 1 Pint of Vanilla Ice Cream and your Blue Milk mixture from step 1. Blend until well mixed and desired milkshake consistancy.

6.Pour into Rimmed Milkshake Glasses.

7.Add Black Striped Straws.


Little Blue Truck inspired blue milkshake

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Which Little Blue Truck book is your favorite?

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