Little Mermaid Inspired Mocktail

Little Mermaid Inspired Mocktail, perfect for that person in your life who wants more!

The Little Mermaid first splashed her way into fan’s hearts back in 1989. Ariel has always been a Disney Princess that is unique given the obvious of course that she is a mermaid. I always think of Ariel as a member of the classic original Disney Princess Squad.

Although I classify myself as a big Disney fan, I am really more of a Disney Pixar fan. But, I’m not sure you can be a Disney fan without the classics! And my daughter is in her mermaid phase and so she loves Ariel. And she is anomored with her red hair. Of course her Ariel doll has a sequin tail that changes shades when you brush all the sequins in one direction and then the other. To say it is her favorite toy right now would be an understaement.

With my daughter’s new found love of Arile and the new live action Little Mermaid movie coming to Disney Plus this summer, I had to brush off the original animated classic and watch it again. This time with my kiddos. And if we are watching a family movie together, a fun themed mocktail is a must!

Add some extra fun to Disney family movie night whether your are watching the new live action or the classic animation of The Little Mermaid and add this fun Little Mermaid Inspired Mocktail and be part of Ariel’s world!

Ingredients and Barware for 3 Mocktails

Green Hawaiian Punch (Green Berry Rush)

Sunny Delight

Purple Sanding Sugar

Marichino Cherries with Garnish Sticks

High Ball Glasses

Red stiped straws (optional)

Frosting (optional for garnish)

About the Ingredients

Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush is a bright green drink with flavorings of strawberries and kiwi. Its bright green color gives us the perfect base color for Ariel’s tail

Sunny Delight is an orange flavored drink with an orange color typically targeted and marketed towards kids. It helps turn the bright lime green color of our Hawaiian Punch to a more teal color to match Ariel’s tail better.

How to Make

Rim your glass by slowly dragging the rim of each glass through the vanilla frosting to get a consistent and thin layer

Dip the frosted rim of each glass into the Purple Sanding Sugar ensuring to get a consistent coating of sugar

Add Ice to High Ball Glasses and set aside

In a pourable container, add 2.5 cups of Green Berry Rush Hawaiian Punch and .75 cups of Sunny Delight. Stir until well mixed.

Carefully pour mixture into rimmed high ball glasses over ice

Add Cherry garnish sticks to the rim

Add Red Striped Straw

Garnish Tips

Cherry garnish sticks look cool and honestly are the perfect red to match Ariel’s iconic red hair. But, they can get pretty messy. Working over the sink or a cutting board can help minimize the clean up after. When piercing the cherries to get them on the garnish sticks, ensure to do it carefully as they may squirt cherry juice. Which is quite sticky! So just be ready with a wet washcloth to wipe things down as needed!.


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Which do you enjoy more, the Disney classics or the Disney Pixar Collaborations? Are you a fan of the live action remakes of the old animated favorites?

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