Luca Inspired Mocktail

Disney Pixar Luca Inspired Mocktail to always remember to Silenzio Bruno!

Disney Pixar's Luca Inspired non alcoholic drink

Disney Pixar’s Luca first made its debut on Disney Plus in 2021 making it one of the newer animated films on the platform. And this film does not disappoint. It has sea creatures, a coming of age storyline, deep rooted friendship and of course, an incredible lesson. One for both kids and adults alike, just like we have come to know and expect from an animated Disney movie.

Luca’s life lesson comes with a simple phrase of just two words. Silenzio Bruno! That is Alberto’s way to show Luca how to silence his inner self doubt. Silence his inner negativity. And once he manages to do this, he can be his true self. And wow, once again Disney hitting the nail on the head for the things I need to hear despite this being an animated children’s movie.

Learning to try new things even when you’re scared of the outcome. Being a more positive person in my reactions to life’s events. Taking chances to do the things I love. All things that I hope my children do better than I do. Once Luca embraces Silenzio Bruno, he is able to achieve great things and help bring together a town and the sea monsters! No easy feat!

Make a Luca Inspired non alcoholic drink, catch Luca and Alberto on the big screen and remember to try new things, even if they scare you! Silenzio Bruno!

Ingredients and Barware for 3 Mocktails

Club Soda

Blue Raspberry Syrup

Blue and Green Jolly Rancher Candies

High Ball Glasses

Swizzle Stick

Green Striped Straw (Optional)

Luca Inspired mocktail

About the Ingredients

Blue Raspberry Syrup has a raspberry flavor and a bright blue color. Kind of like the blue color that Luca has in his sea monster form, only maybe a little brighter

Club Soda is a carbonated water with added minerals to create a mildly salty taste. This takes on the Blue Raspberry taste from our syrup and mutes the bright blue color a bit, to give us a closer color to Luca.

Jolly Rancher Candies are a type of hard candy bursting with flavor. The green and blue ones really match the color of Luca in his sea monster form. Plus they look cool and add a hit of sour apple flavoring to this drink.

How to Make

Tip: Having all the liquids for this drink chilled helps to keep the ice from melting too fast and the Jolly Rancher Candies from falling into the drink too soon. Although, when they do fall in, they add a little extra flavor!

1)Upwrap several Blue and Green Jolly Rancher Candies I used about 6 per mocktail

2)Fill each High Ball Glass with a lot of ice all the way to the top of the glass. The higher the ice, the easier to it is to see the Jolly Ranchers and prevent them from falling into the glass.

3)In a separate pourable container, add 22 oz Club Soda and 6 oz Blue Raspberry Syrup. Gently stir with Swizzle Stick until well mixed.

4)Pour over ice into your high ball glasses, filling each glass.

5)Carefully place a mixture of Blue and Green Jolly Rancher Candies on top of the ice just touching the liquid.

6)Add Green Striped Straw to complete the look and make drinking this delicious Luca candy mocktail easy peasy!

Luca Inspired zero proof drink

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What is your favorite part of Disney’s Luca?

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