Lucky Charms Shooters

Lucky Charms Shooters, they are beautifully green and magically delicious!

Easy and festive Lucky Charms Shooters for St. Patricks day

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Lucky Charms was my go to sugary cereal as a kid. I would pick all the marshmallows out before pouring in the milk, eat the cereal and then eat just the marshmallows! Now I’m watching my own daughter do the exact same thing to this magically delicious morning treat. Except now, they make special boxes with just the marshmellows in them! I bought one to make these Lucky Chamrs Shooters but it does kind of take away some of the fun. I’m sure my daughter would disagree strongly though!

I have fond memories of watching everyone chasing Lucky the Leprechaun on the commercials and reading the back of the cereal box before school. And come St. Patrick’s Day, the Lucky Charms box was my go to material for creating a lepuracan trap. Which seems a little ironic now looking back, using Lucky the Lepracaun’s box as a lepuracan trap! But good marketing I guess! Either way, fond memories of this cereal growing up! And these shooters are simple to make with a bright green color, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or any day!

What better way to bring tribute to Lucky the Leprechaun and his Lucky Charms than to actually rim the glass with them! With a drink this good and festive, everyone will be after your lucky charms shooters.

Ingredients and Barware for 2 Lucky Charms Shooters

  1. Lucky Charms Marshmellows in a bowl
  2. Small bowl of just the green marshmellows separated out from the rest of the Lucky Charms cereal.
  3. Vodka
  4. Blue Curacao
  5. Frosting (0ptional for garnish)
  6. Cocktail Shaker (this one is amazing!)
  7. Blender
Lucky Charms Shooters green shots for st. patricks day

About the Ingredients:

Lucky Charms cereal made its debut in 1964 when General Mills challenged their team to come up with something unique by using their exisiting manufacturing avaibility of one of their principle cereals, Cherrios.

Vodka‘s clear coloring allows it to take on the color of our green lucky charms marshmellows. Vodka also typically takes on the tastes of other things which is why it is a common alcohol to infuse. However, the green marshmellows honestly don’t have much flavor on their own. Just sugary.

Blue Curacao has a light orange flavor and a vivid blue coloring to help balance out and create the perfect Lucky green color.

Recipe for Lucky Charms Shooters

1. Rim your shot glasses with the magically delicious lucky charms cereal

2.Separate the Lucky Charms green marshmellows from the rest of the cereal and crush or blend. (you only need about 15 green marshmellows to get the green Lucky color) (I recommend blending them, they tend to dissovle into the vodka quicker when they have been blended.

3.Add 3 parts Vodka to crushed marshmellows and stir until marshmellow is dissoved

4.Add 1 part Blue Curacao and your 3 parts (now) green vodka to cocktail shaker filled with ice

5.Shake vigorously until well blended and chilled and pour into shot glasses

Garnish Tips

Slowly run the outside of the shot glasses in the frosting to create a consistent coating of frosting on the outside only

Put Lucky Chamrs cereal in a bowl and dip the frosted rim of the shot glasses into the cereal

You may need to press some cereal on to get the whole rim consistently covered

As an alternative, you can crush or blend the cereal for a smaller looking, but still very colorful rim.

Enjoy Responsibility!

Lucky Charms Shooters

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What’s your fond memory of this cereal?

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