Milk Duds Inspired Shot

Milk Duds Inspired Shot as a reminder that even when you think something might be a dud, it can still suprise you!

Easy Milk Duds Inspired Shot

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Milk duds were first manufactured in 1928. And I know we have played the name game before for other candies like Butterfingers but I feel like how Milk Duds got their name is just so fitting. When Milk Duds were first being made, it was impossible to get them into a perfect ball type of shape. Therefore their creator considered them duds!

I am so incredibly glad that despite the candy being named a dud, it didn’t stop them from being produced! And I can’t be the only one. Milk Duds are one of the most popular Halloween candies sold! I mean, that’s not too hard to believe. What’s not to love about chewy caramel covered in delicious chocolate?

While the rest of the world may see Milk Duds as Halloween candy, it has always been movie theater candy to me! There is just something about that yellow box of delicious chocolate and caramel goodness that seems to go hand in hand with the movies! Especially back when I was growing up and going to the movies wasn’t as crazy expensive as it is today! But, I digress.

Get ready for those familiar chocolate and caramel favors and make a Milk Duds inspired shot for your next Halloween party or your next movie night!


Caramel Vodka

Chocolate Liquer

Caramel Sauce (This is the one I used from Amazon)

Simple Syrup

Shot Glasses (These are the ones I used for this shot)

Milk Duds (okay so technically this is not an actual ingredient for the shot but it is so fun to munch on while making and enjoying the liquid boozy version!)

Milk Duds inspired shot ingredients

About The Ingredients

Caramel Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is clear in color and infused with the flavor of caramel

Chocolate liqueur is a base liquor with a distinct and often rich chocolate flavor.

Simple syrup is simply a mixture of equal parts water and sugar boiled until fully dissolved and slightly thickened. It is a staple ingreditent in most bars as its frequently used to sweeten cocktails without having issues of sugar dissolving fully in a cold drink

Caramel Sauce is a thick mixture of caramel flavors and is perfect to rim our shot glasses.

Milk Duds Inspired Shot Recipe

1)In a cocktail shaker add ice and 1.5 oz Caramel Vodka and 1.5 ozChocolate Liqueur and a Splash of Simple Syrup. Shake until well mixed and chilled

2)Rim your Shot Glasses with Caramel Sauce. (Note: the caramel sauce is thin and will run. I rim the glasses by putting the sauce on the inside of the rim instead of the outside or top. That way, when the sauce runs, it adds a bit extra caramel flavoring to the shot and not a sticky mess. Sometimes I chill my shot glasses in the freezer before rimming them to keep them from running too much.)

3)Pour mixture into Shot glasses

Enjoy Responsibly!

Milk Duds Inspired Shot

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