Moana Inspired Mocktail

Moana Inspired mocktail because there’s not telling just how far I’ll go.

disney's Moana inspired non alcoholic drink

Making its big screen debut at the end of 2016, Moana is one of the Disney movies I wish I had watched sooner. Admittedly, I didn’t watch the movie until a few years ago. Around the time my daughter started getting a bigger attention span for movies. But this one ranks up there high in my book. Probably partly because of the strong young female main titular character. Who reminds me of my daughter.

We follow the main character Moana on her journey for the heart of te fiti. And we watch her win over the demigod Maui. And also surprise him with her determination. Not only her determination, but her bravery as well. All in the name of saving her island from a terrible curse.

The other thing about Moana that I really relate to especially as I am getting older, is having a different path in life. Moana is supposed to be happy on her island like everyone else but she feels a different calling. One she has felt as long as she can remember. Calling her to the water. And it’s only when she listens to this calling, she can achieve incredible things! What a great reminder, especially as a parent of multiple kids, that everyone has their own path. And we cannot compare our paths to anyone else.

Learn this recipe for this refreshing Disney’s Moana Inspired non alcoholic drink while you find your own path and learn just how far you will go.


Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch 

Sparkeling Apple Cider

Rainbow Nerds Candy

Swedish Fish

High Ball Glasses

Swizzle Stick

Orange Striped Straw (optional)

Cocktail Umbrella (optional)

Disney's moana inspired zero proof drink

About the Ingredients

Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch has a bright blue color and a flavor filled with mixed berries. Now this is perfect for a zero proof drink themed after a movie that is set on a tropical island and spent crossing the ocean

Sparkeling Apple Cider is a carbonated apple juice drink with a very light yellow color. When the light yellow mixes with our bright blue, we get a perfect ocean water color to fit our Moana inspired non alcoholic drink.

The small pebble shape of Nerds Candy and their bright colors make them a great fit to look like our ocean floor

Swedish Fish have a bright red color and fill out our ocean water with swimming life just like the ocean itself.

Recipie for Moana Inspired Mocktail

1)Fill the bottom of your High Ball Glasses with Rainbow Nerds Candy. Just enough to full cover the bottom of the glass and be able to see them from the side of the glass

2)Add ice one layer at a time carefully placing Swedish Fish throughout the glass and holding them in place with the ice cubes. (I used big square ice cubes but I recommend using traditional shaped ice as my fish fell down to the bottom of the glass quickly)

3)Add 3 Cups of BerryBerry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch and 1 Cup Sparkling Apple Cider to a pourable container. Stir gently with Swizzle Stick to mix.

4) Carfully pour mixture over ice into each cup

5)Add Cocktail Umbrella and Orange Striped Straw to each glass.


disney moana inspired kids ocean drink

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Which Moana character is your favorite?

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