Monster’s Inc. Sully Inspired Mocktail

Monster’s Inc. Sully Inspired Mocktail; we scare because we care!

Monsters Inc Sully Inspired non alcoholic drink

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This isn’t my first recipe dedicated to one of my favorite Halloween movies of all time. Nope, the first one was actually a cocktail themed after Mr. James P. Sullivan himself. Or as his friends call him, Sully. But, it being a cocktail meant that my favorite tiny humans who also love Disney Pixar’s Monster’s Inc, couldn’t enjoy it along with me. Therefore, it was clear a zero proof Monster’s Inc. Sully inspired drink was a must!

One of the things I love about the Monster’s Inc franchise is how different everyone is. And how those differences mean everyone has their own unique way of doing things. And that is what makes the City of Monstropolis work and quite literally keep the lights on!

The older I get, the more amazing it is to see where the people from my childhood are today. Everyone has carved their own path and lets be honest, no one really ends up where they think they will when they think they will. But also the older I get, the more I embrace everyone’s different paths. Because just like the residents of Monstropolis, thats what makes the world go round in the human world too.

And of course, keeping that open mind about trying new things. Innovation comes from taking that leap to try something new. Sometimes it turns out even better than you could have imagined. Like Monster’s Inc. trying laugh energy instead of scream energy. And, sometimes, well, you need to start over. I’ve had plenty of what I thought were great recipe ideas only to take it back to the drawing board to find the right combination and mixtures of flavors and appearance.

Lets create a not so spooky Monster’s Inc Sully Inspired non alcoholic drink to go along with watching the monsters of Monstropolis and have some laughs along the way!

Ingredients and Barware for Three Mocktail Floats

Vanilla Ice Cream

Sparking Water

Blue Raspberry Syrup (I used this bottle from Amazon)

Purple Sanding Sugar (this is the one I used from Amazon)

Purple Striped Straw (I purchased these for this drink on Amazon)

Low Ball Glasses (Here are the plastic ones I used for the kids)

About the Ingredients

Vanilla Ice Cream is a mixture of cream, sugar and vanilla to create a white delicious treat! (I used this to make homemade ice cream for this drink! I added a little Blue Raspberry Sryup to the ice cream itself to add a little extra flavor!)

Sparking Water is water infused with carbon dioxide gas to cause carbination and what we will use as a base to make our own blue raspberry soda

Blue Raspberry Syrup has a raspberry flavor and a bright blue color making this a fun and yet perfect syrup for our Sully inspired float

How to Make

1.Rim each Low Ball Glass with Purple Sanding Sugar. Gently tap the edges to remove excess sugar and set aside

2.In a pourable container, add 16 oz Sparking Water and 4 oz Blue Raspberry Syrup. Gently stir to mix without causing too many bubbles to form

3.Add 2 scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream to each rimmed low ball glass being careful not to knock off your sanding sugar rim.

4.Slowly pour your homemade Blue Raspberry Soda into each low ball glass over the ice cream.

5.Add Purple Striped Straw to round out the touch of purple for Sully’s spots. Depending on how hard the ice cream is (or just how fast you plan to consume it), a spoon may be preferred to help with this themed float.

Monster Inc Sully Inspired Mocktail

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Which Monster’s Inc. movie is your favorite? Who is your favorite Monster from the films?

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