Orange Halloween Punch

Orange Halloween Punch for a spooky good orange drink!

Easy Orange Halloween Punch Recipe

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Spooky season is arguably one of the best times of the year. The weather is starting to get cooler for the perfect sweater weather. Trees are changing colors. And I get to watch all the not-so-spooky halloween movies geared towards kids. See, I am a big scardy cat. I cannot watch real scary movies. But I do love the kid friendly ones. And so do my kids. So that’s a win win in our house!

Spooky season is also one of their favorites! From Halloween blankets, to fall themed crafts and baked goods, to more time outside without melting and bon fires, what’s not to love! And lets not forget, candy! Spooky season seems to also be filled with yummy treats and candy! So of course, a not-so-spooky Halloween punch was in order to make!

Celebrate fall, spooky season and all things Halloween with this festive Orange Halloween Punch to add a little extra fun to your favorite spooky season event!


Orange Soda

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Frosting (for rim)

Halloween Sprinkles (I used these from Amazon)

Low Ball Glasses (these are the plastic ones I used)

Black Striped Straws (I used these)

About the Ingredients

Orange Soda is a carbonidated drink that is made from mixing orange juice and sugar. It has a bright orange color, making it perfect for a Halloween Punch.

Vanilla Ice Cream is made from mixing cream and sugar with vanilla flavoring and then freezing it and churning it. Vanilla ice icream is a very popular treat and the perfect base for our Orange Halloween Punch

Halloween Sprinkles add a little extra fun to this not so spooky Halloween beverage.

Orange Halloween Punch Recipe (3 drinks)

1)Slowly drag your Low Ball Glasses through the Vanilla Frosting to get a thin and consistent coating around the rim. Drip the rim in the Halloween Sprinkles again getting a consistent coating.

2)Add One Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream to each rimmed glass.

3)Top with Orange Soda

4)Add Black Striped Straw for the perfect orange and black color combination.


Delicious Orange Halloween Punch Float recipe

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What is your favorite Spooky season tradition in your house?

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