Paw Patrol’s Chase Inspired Mocktail

Paw Patrol’s Chase Inspired Mocktail because Chase is on the case!

Paw Patrol Chase inspired drink for kids

Although we do not tend to watch many shows in our house (we typically do movies), Paw Patrol is one that we have seen countless times. We have watched the group of pups grow over the years, much like our own little family has grown, under the guidance of their young leader, Ryder.

But with the Paw Patrol Movie, it seemed right to have a Paw Patrol themed mocktail to watch all the pups and Ryder on the big screen! This particular mocktail is for all of those Chase fans out there. (Don’t worry, you can find our Paw Patrol’s Skye Inspired Mocktail here and Marshal is coming soon too!) While the Paw Patrol show in general has a lot of good lessons and values for young minds, there is one piece of the Paw Patrol Movie that really stuck out to me.

Chase admits his fear. And he admits that things are hard for him because of this fear of what happened to him in his past when he was a puppy. Sometimes we forget that it’s okay to be afraid. And being brave, like the Chase we all know and love, doesn’t come from being fearless. But rather from being afraid, and yet still choosing to do the right thing. Because deep down, you know it is the right thing to do.

And when you have those moments of fear, it’s important to surround yourself with others you trust who can take on some of the load. It is okay to take a break and admit when you need to take a break. Let me just say, for a children’s movie, this may have spoken to me extra loud about being a mom and the load that parents shoulder.

Enjoy a Paw Patrol’s Chase Inspired Mocktail while watching the gang work together to save the day in Adventure City with the Paw Patrol Movie where Chase is on the case!

Ingredients for 1 Mocktail

Lemon Lime Soda

Blue Mixed Berry Powerade

Low Ball Glass

Brown Sugar

Yellow Striped Straw

Whole Pineapple (for garnish)

Frosting (optional for rim)

About the Ingredients

Lemon Lime Soda provides carbonation and a touch of citrus and its clear color works well with blue to highlight Chase’s uniform

Blue Powerade is a sports drink that is blue in color and contains extra electrolytes needed after an intense workout. While we are not working out, the blue color is just what we need for this mocktail

How to Make

Carefully drag the rim of your low ball glass through the frosting to get a consistent coating. Dip into Brown Sugar ensuring to get a consistent rim. Tap on the glass a few times when down to remove any loose sugar.

Add Ice.

Fill cup 3/4 full with Blue Mixed Berry Powerade

Top off with Lemon Lime Soda

Add Pineapple wedge for Garnish

Add Yellow Striped Straw

Garnish Tips

To add our pop of yellow for Chase’s badge, carefully slice the bottom off a whole pineapple. Cut a ring about 1/4 inch thick. Cut the ring in half, and then in half again. Add a small slice through the end of the pineapple wedge to allow it to sit on the rim of the glass.

Paw Patrol Chase inspired mocktail

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Which Paw Patrol pup is your favorite to watch on the big screen?

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