Peep Inspired Cocktail

Peep inspired cocktail perfect to add a little bit fun for the adults at your easter celebration!

Peep inspired cocktail

Ah Peeps. I’m not sure there is another candy that screams Easter and the whole spring season are coming then walking down the candy asile to find that yellow package with those all too familair peeps chicks looking out. Marshmellowy goodness coated in what can only be described as very fine colored sugar. Almost as if designed to make a huge mess with every bite. That is, unless you are like my better half who just shoves the whole thing in his mouth at once.

Now, I know you can get Peeps year round. In fact, there are about 5.5 million peeps produced every day. Yes, you read that correctly. Every single day! And they all come from the same candy factory! Now that’s a lot of Peeps in one place. And, yes you can get them in several different holiday designs these days as well.

Not only can you get them at other holidays but the family owned candy company has blessed us with additional twists on the original including chocolate dipped Peeps! Marshmellow and chocolate go together about as good as peanut butter and jelly if you ask me! I mean, it’s basically the insides of a s’more with some added fun colored sugar!

But if you are going to make a Peeps inspired cocktail, the original yellow chick, the first peep design and color from back in 1953, seems to be the way to go! Just a little nod to how far Peeps have come!

Grab a package of the original Peeps, (ok, really any of the delicious peeps flavors and designs will do) gather the rest of the simple ingredients and lets get ready to celebrate all things Spring!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 cocktails

4oz Vodka

6oz Lemonade

Splash of Grenadine

Vanilla Frosting (optional for garnish)

White Sanding Sugar

Peeps Candies

Martini Glasses

Cocktail Shaker

peep inspired cocktail ingredients

About the Ingredients

Vodka is a distilled alcoholic drink that is clear in color. It typically does not have much flavor and therefore is a very popular alcohol to infuse. It works well for this drink as you will taste the lemondae

Lemonade is a lemon flavored drink with added sweetness thanks to some sugar of course. Its mild yellow color is a perfect complement to our Yellow Peep chicks candies

How to Make

Take the rim of your martini glasses carefully through the vanilla frosting ensuring to get a consistent thin coating around the rim

Dip the rim in the White Sanding Sugar. Add ice and set aside

In a cocktail shaker, add ice 4 oz Vodka and 6 oz Lemonade. Shake vigorously until well mixed and chilled.

Pour over ice into rimmed martini glasses

Add a splash of Grenadine to each cocktail.

Add Peep Chick garnish

Garnish Tips

For this particular cocktail and garnish, slightly stale Peeps tend to work a little better as they are a little stiffer. But any type of Peep will work! Just carefully cut a small slit into the bottom of the peep and set on the rim of the glass.

Enjoy Responsibly!
peep inspired cocktail

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Which Peep shape and flavor is your favorite?

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