Peep’s Inspired Mocktail

Peep’s inspired mocktail is a perfectly pastel treat for a strawberry marshmellow fan!

Peep's Inspired Mocktail

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This is the second Peep’s Inspired drink I have experimented with. But when you have a candy as iconic as Peep’s, it just seems fitting. And the right thing to do is to add a drink that can be enjoyed by the younger audience too! Im not going to go over all the incredible Peep’s facts I discovered when I created the Peep’s Inspired cocktail last year but you can read that in the origional post here if you are like me and want to know all the random things!

Now, this drink is a great Easter drink with its brightly colored rim, pastel pink drink color and bright yellow chick Peep’s on the straw. And it’s perfect for an Easter Morning brunch with the main ingredient being milk.

Whip up a Peep’s inspired mocktail to bring on spring, Easter and the warmer weather with a twist of fun!

Peep’s Inspired Mocktail Ingredients


Strawberry Nesquick

Marshmellow Creme

Sanding Sugar (I used these blue, green, purple, pink and this gold)

Striped Straws (I used these)

Peep’s Candy of course!

Low Ball Glasses (This plastic ones are the best for kids)

Easter Peep's inspired drink for kids

About the Ingredients for Peep’s Inspired Mocktail

Strawberry Nesquick is a power mix-in to be added to milk that provides protein and boasts a delicious strawberry flavor and wonderfully pastel pink color. Perfect for a spring Peep’s Inspired Mocktail!

Marshmellow Creme is a white spread with the flavor of marshmellow. Perfect for a marshmellow Peep’s Inspired drink. It is sticky in nature which allows this to hold our sanding sugar to the rim of the glass.

Peep’s Inspired Mocktail

Recipe by Jess@cocktailsmocktailsandswizzlesticksCourse: Holiday MocktailsDifficulty: Beginner


Prep time


Cooking time




  • Milk

  • Strawberry Nesquick

  • Marshmellow Creme

  • Sanding Sugar

  • Striped Straws

  • Peep’s Candy


  • Pour your sanding sugar on a plate alternating colors to get the pastel rainbow look you desire
  • Take a spoon full of Marshmellow Creme and run the rim of your glass through it ensuring to get a consistent coating. Dip the Marshmellow Creme rim into the sanding sugar. Tap the glass to remove any excess sugar.
  • Fill each glass with milk 3/4 of the way full.
  • Add 1-2 table spoons of Strawberry Nesquick to each glass. And stirr until dissolved
  • Stick your striped straws through your Peep and add to glass.


Peeps inspired non alcohoic drink

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What is your favorite Easter candy?

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