Pokeball Inspired Mocktail

Pokemon Pokeball inspired mocktail drink for when you got to catch them all

Pokeball inspired mocktail non alcoholic drink

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If you are familiar with the vast and wide world of Pokemon, then you have undoubtedly seen the standard Pokeball. You know, the sphere that is white on the bottom and red on the top. With a black line separating the two halves and a white button in the middle. This iconic pokeball is absolutely critical to any trainer. Why do you ask? Well, because it captures and stores all their Pokemon inside. You know, the whole, “gotta catch them all” thing!

Now what I didn’t know, is that this standard red and white ball is actually just a beginner ball. To be fully transparent, it is really the only ball I have ever seen. And I thought it was the only ball in the Pokemon Universe. But, there are actually several different kinds of Pokeballs found in the core series. And they each have their own purpose and strength. I had no idea until I started researching Pokeballs with my Pokemon obsessed son! No matter how old I get, I learn something new every day!

Given the vast nature of the world of Pokemon and the iconic nature of the standard pokeball. Plus the aforementioned Pokemon obsessed son, I felt like a fun pokeball themed non alcoholic drink was in order.

Grab your pokeball, and learn to make this fun and easy pokeball inspired mocktail to go along with the wide world of Pokemon where you gotta catch them all!

Ingredients for 1 Mocktail

Strawberry Flavored Water

Black Sanding Sugar (I used this one that I got on Amazon)

Red Striped Straw (I used these)

Whole Strawberries

Low Ball Glasses

Ok so this is not an ingredient but a prop to bring the drink full circle (or should I say sphere) I got my standard Plush pokeball here

About the Ingredients

Strawberry Flavored Water is water with just a slight hint of strawberry flavoring. It has a clear color which make this perfect for the bottom half of our Pokeball inspired non alcoholic drink

Strawberries used as garnish to bring the red for the top half of our Pokeball inspired zero proof drink. While they are not as popular as a drink garnish,they bring a great flavor pairing with the strawberry flavored drink and the red color we need.

Recipe for Pokeball Inspired Mocktail

1)Rim your low ball glasses with the Black Sanding Sugar ensuring to get a thin and consistent coating. Gently tap the glass when you are done to remove any excess sugar. This last step is extra important with this drink because this black sanding sugar is challenging to work with. It can stain your hands and mouth black when it gets wet, as well as discolor your whole drink if it gets inside the glass.

2)Add ice to your rimmed low ball glasses

3)In each glass, add Strawberry Flavored Water over ice to the top

4)Add Red Striped Straw


Pokemon Pokeball inspired mocktail zero proof drink

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Did you know there were so many different kinds of Pokeballs out there?

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