Pokemon Pikachu Inspired Drink

Pokemon Pikachu inspired drink for that extra like zolt of energy

Pokemon Pikachu Inspired Drink

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The beloved and arguably favorite pokemon species Pikachu was first introduced to Japan in 1996 and to the rest of the world in 1998. Pikachu is a small yellow squirrel-like creature that has electirical powers and abilities. Its tail resembles a lightning bolt in appearance and color.

Pikachu has become the Pokemon franchie’s mascot over the years. He is the main Pokemon of Ash Ketchem from the anime series. And he prefers to walk with Ash instead of being carried inside a pokeball. Therefore, he appears in most of the airtime of the show.

Pikachu is a playable character in all the Nintendo Pokemon games with the exception of Black and White without having to trade. He is so popular, in fact, he has his own game where he is the ONLY playable character from the start in Pokemon Yellow. His popularity has also led to the live action Pokemon movie, Detective Pikachu starring Ryan Renolds.

Not only is he a favorite among audies worldwide, he is a fan favorite in my house among all my kiddos. My oldest loves his electrical abilities. My youngest loves that his brother loves him and my daughter, well she thinks he is cute. And lets face it, she isnt wrong! So to pay tribute to the icon itself, a Pikachu drink was obvious!

Grab your trainer and your Pokeball and learn to make this quick and easy Pokemon Pikachu inspired drink for whatever battle you are facing ahead!

Ingredients and Barware for 3 Mocktails

Vitamin Water Energy Flavor

Red Sanding Sugar (This is the red that I used for these drinks)

Black Zigzag Straws (I used these ones)

Whole Strawberry for Garnish

Low Ball Glasses (These are my favorite plastic low ball glasses for kids!)

Ok so this is not an ingredient but a prop to bring the drink full circle (I got the Pikachu Plush from Amazon of course)

About the Ingredients

Vitamin Water Energy Flavor is a water flavored with tropical citrus flavors and packed with vitamins. The energy in this one also comes with a bit of caffeine and a yellow color, just what we need for our little adorable ball of yellow energy in Pikachu.

Recipe for Pokemon Pikachu Inspired Drink

This drink is very easy and quick to make but still has all the fun of a themed drink!

1)Rim your Low Ball Glasses with Red Sanding Sugar. Ensuring to get a thin yet consistent layer of sugar around the whole glass. Gently tap the glass when done to remove any excess sugar.

2)Add Ice to your low ball glass.

3)Pour Vitamin Water Energy Flavor over ice into your rimmed low ball glasses until full

4)Add Strawberry Garnish to the rim of your glasses.

5)Add Black Zig Zag Straw (just like Pikachu’s tail)

Garnish Tips

This garnish is pretty simple. Carfully cut the green stem end off your Whole Strawberry. Then place a small slice into the end you just cut to allow the Strawberry to sit on the rim of the glass. That’s it! Done! See I told you this was a very simple drink (which are my favorite kind!)


Pokemon Pikachu Inspired non alcoholic 

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Which Pokemon is your favorite?

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