Polar Express Inspired Hot Chocolate

Polar Express Inspired Hot Chocolate for when you hear the bell.

The polar express inspired hot chocolate

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If there are two things that just seem to belong together, it’s the holiday season and warm hot chocolate. Add some mini marshmellows and a little holiday magic and you have got the perfect recipe for making memories.

Growing up, we would read The Polar Express every holiday season. It was not only a family favorite, but a tradition too. And if you are going to be reading The Polar Express, you pretty much have to have some hot chocolate to go with it. And not just any hot chocolate will do in this situation. To make holiday memories, you need hot chocolate so rich it tastes like melted chocolate bars, just like the kind in the story!

So this year, when we turned the calender from spooky season over to holiday season, some Polar Express inspired hot chocolate was a must make to add a little extra magic to a favorite holiday tradition.

Enjoy this easy and delicious Polar Express inspired hot chocolate this holiday season to add a little extra magic to family tradition while you listen for the bell to ring.

Polar Express Inspired Hot Chocolate Ingredients

Whole Milk

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

Mini Marshmellows

Sauce pan

Hot Chocolate Mugs (I used these fun clear ones)

polar express inspired hot chocolate

About the Ingredients

Whole Milk is milk that has not had any of the fat content filtered out

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips are made from blending chocolate and sugar but are not too sweet in taste.

Mini Marshmellows are when sugar, water and gelatin are whipped into a soft texture and go perfectly in hot chocolate!

Polar Express Inspired Hot Chocolate Recipe

1)In a Sauce Pan, heat 3 Cups of Whole Milk and 1 Cup Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips over medium low heat until well mixed together and warm. Stir frequently.

2)Carefully pour mixture into your 3 Hot Chocolate Mugs distributing equally

3)Add Mini Marshmellows as desired.

4)Allow drink to come to a desirable temperature before consuming as it will be hot coming off the stove.


Polar Express Inspired Hot Chcolate

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What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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