Rainbow Syringe Mocktails

Rainbow Syringe Mocktails, an extra fun way to taste the rainbow.

rainbow syringe mocktials

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I initially bought the syringe shots for a fun halloween inspired adult shot recipe. And while I was making that, it dawned on me, my kids would love the thought of being able to shoot their fun special kid friendly drink into their mouth! So I began thinking of what to put inside these fun syringe drink containers that my kiddos would love.

And then I thought, honestly, it probably doesn’t matter a ton, they will just love the idea of squirting into their mouths! So I decided on a rainbow theme. Basically just a bunch of different colored drinks in the food safe syringes. And then, BAM! I got it! what better option to make a rainbow themed group of drinks then with Skittles drink packets! I mean their slogan is literally “taste the rainbow”.

Channel your inner child and have some extra fun with these fun and very easy rainbow syringe mocktails, sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Ingredients for Rainbow Syringe Mocktails

Skittles Drink Packets (You can find them there)


Food Safe Syringe Drink Containers (I used these)

rainbow syringe mocktial ingredients

About the Ingredients

Skittles Drink Packets are a zero sugar, caffeine free powered drink packet to be mixed with water and provide a drink bursting with your favorite Skittles flavors!

Recipe for Rainbow Syringe Mocktails

Ok guys. This one is about as easy as they come. But dont worry, just because the one takes the work out, it still leaves all the fun!

1)Wash your Food Safe Syringe Drink Containers

2)Mix up 1 Packet of each color Skittles Drink Mix in separate containers. (If you choose to use the same container, ensure to rinse it between packets to keep the colors from getting muddy)

3)Suck up the mixed Skittles Drink Packet drink into your Syringes. One color per Syringe


easy and fun rainbow syringe mocktails

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What is your favorite unique drink container?

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