Rapunzel Inspired Mocktail

Rapunzel inspired mocktail for when you want to take adventure to new lengths!

Disney's Rupunzel inspired mocktail from tangled

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Rapunzel is the main character in Disney’s 2010 animated feature “Tangled” which loosely follows the plot of the old fairytale of Rapunzel. A lost princess locked away in a seclued tower with long flowing magical golden hair,

One of the things that I love about Tangled is it highlights one of the biggest and hardest lessons I have learned in my life. Sometimes, you have to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve your goals.

There have been so many occasions in my life where I have had to take a deep breath and step out of my comfort zone. And while it was never an easy thing to do, it has always turned out to be the best decisions I have made. Stepping out of my comfort zone to become a mom, to change careers, to move across the country. So many decisions that required a leap of faith. Just like Rapunzel had to step out of the only place she had ever known and eventually found her family and love.

Step out of your comfort zone and take adventure to new lengths with this Rapunzel Inspired Mocktail; perfect for your next Tangled birthday party or just watching Rapunzel on the big screen.

Ingredients for Rapunzel Inspired Mocktail

Grape Nerds Drink Mix Packet (You can get it here)

Grapefruit Juice

Gold Sanding Sugar (I used this one)

Low Ball Glass (these are my favorite plastic ones for kids)


Green Striped Straw (I used these)

Rapunzel inspired mocktail recpie

About the Ingredients

Grape Nerds Drink Mix Packet is a sugar free drink packet to be mixed with water to provide a bold grape flavor, with a bold purple color.

Grapefruit Juice is a citrus fruit that provides a mildly sweet flavor with a pink tint making it perfect to lighten the color of the dark purple from our Nerds Packet.

Rapunzel Inspired Mocktail Recipe (3 drinks)

1)Rim your Low Ball Glasses with Gold Sanding Sugar. Gently tap each glass to remove any excess sugar. Add Ice and set aside

2)Add Grape Nerds Drink Mix Packet to 20 oz of water. Mix until fully dissovled.

3)Pour Grape Nerds Drink over ice into rimmed low ball glasses, filling each 3/4 full.

4) Top off with Grapefruit Juice

5) Add Green Stiped Straw


easy Rapunzel inspired mocktail

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Who is your favorite Tangled character?

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