Red White and Blue Mocktail

Red White and Blue Mocktail; perfect for every patriotic celebration!

red white and blue non alcoholic drink

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There is nothing quite like the long summer days filled with family and friends at back yard barbeques. When I think of summer time back yard barbeques, my mind goes to two of the holidays that are often celebrated in a backyard barbeque. Memorial Day and the 4th of July are perfect holidays for grilling out back with yard games, picnic tables and of course, a cold drink in your hand.

Now both of those holidays mentioned are American patriotic celebrations. Memorial day to celebrate and remember those who gave their lives fighting for American freedom. And the 4th of July, the American Independence day celebrating American independence from Great Britain. So what better type of cold drink to have in your hand then a refreshing Red White and Blue non alcoholic drink to really show your patriotism with a bit of fun too.

This simple three ingredient drink is made with two different colors of jello and vitamin water. And it has an appearance that will wow all of your guests at your back yard barbeque and have everyone talking.

Lets celebrate with this simple yet fun patriotic Red White and Blue mocktail for your summer time back yard barbeque.


Blue Berry Jello

Cherry Jello

Squeezed Lemonade Flavor Vitamin Water

Low Ball Glasses

Ice Cube Trays (I used these from Amazon. I like them because they are square and they come with a bin and lid to store the ice in!)

Red and Blue Striped Straws (optional but I used these ones on Amazon)

Cocktail Fireworks Sticks (I found the ones I used on Amazon)

About the Ingredients

Jello is a gelitan based dessert that is soft and giggly and also low calorie. For this recipe, we are going to freeze the jello in the ice cube trays to create fun colored ice that doesn’t melt!

Squeezed Lemonade Flavor Vitamin Water is a water that has been infused with vitamins and minerals and sweetened to provide a light lemonade flavor. The opaque color of this drink makes it perfect to round out the white color for this Red White and Blue non alcoholic drink.

How to Make

**the prep for this mocktail takes about 1-2 days of freeze prep time prior to making the actual drink.**

1) Prepare one of your Jello packerts using only half of the cold water the box calls for. Once the Jello is fully dissolved, carefully pour into square ice molds.

2)Place into the freezer until fully frozen (about 5-6 hours) Pop out each frozen Jello ice cube carefully. If the ice isnt fully frozen, it will start to break apart when trying to take it out of the mold.

3)Repeat for each different color packet of Jello ice (here is where the extra prep time comes in, the drink itself is actually very quick)

4)Add ice cubes to Low Ball Glasses alternating red and blue cubes.

5)Pour Squeezed Lemonade Flavor Vaimin Water over the ice cubes.

6)Add Red and White or Blue and White Striped Straws to the glass. Add Sparkling Firework like Drink Stick (optional of course but they really fit the theme)

4th of July non alcoholic drink

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What is your favorite thing to serve in your back yard barbeques?

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