Shadow Inspired Mocktail

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Shadow Inspired Mocktail, the antihero of the franchise to bring the Sonic crew full circle.

Sonic's Shadow inspired mocktail

Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic the hedgehog are two sides to the same coin. Each other’s doppleganger and fitted with similar abilities, Shadow is the mysterious antihero of the Sonic franchise. Shadow made his debut a little later in the series back in 2001. 

Shadow is a little different than Sonic in that he was created by Robotnic’s family long before Sonic was even born. Also, Shadow has a tragic backstory that morphs his character and his values into what we see and know of Shadow today. He experienced the loss of his best friend. But from that loss, he vowed to protect the world. What makes Shadow the antihero though is in comparison to Sonic, Shadow will do whatever is needed in order to protect the world.

The Shadow inspired zero proof drink mimics the Sonic the Hedgehog drink in taste and appearance, for obvious reasons! Both have a cherry lemonade flavor with a beautifully layered look. Admididly, even though Shadow made his debut back in 2001, I wasnt really aware of him until he was hinted at appearing in the third installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog film series set to hit the big screen in 2024. And that is when the Shadow the Hedgehog zero proof drink became a must make!

The ying to Sonic’s yang, both speedy and delicious, grab your glasses and ingredients and create this delicious dark non alcoholic drink crafted after the popular antihero. Create it on its own or together with the rest of the Sonic crew to really wow the crowd. 

Ingredients and Barware for 1 Mocktail
  1. Lemonade 
  2. Black food coloring 
  3. Grenadine 
  4. White Rimmer
  5. Marachino Cherry Garnish (optional)
  6. Lemon Slice (optional for Rim)
  7. Martini Glass (the shape of this glass helps make the layering a little easier and makes Shadow’s red shoes pop more)
  8. Spoon (to make the layering easier so the liquids don’t mix)
  9. Medium pourable container

About the Ingredients

Lemonade provides that fresh citris taste and as the base, is what makes this drink delicious and appealing to all

The black food coloring is used to create the black appearance of the drink to match our franchise antihero.

Grenadine is red in color making it perfect for Shadow’s shoes but its also one of the most dense mixins which makes it natrually sit on the bottom of the glass

How to Make

1.Use a lemon slice and run it around the rim of your martini glass and immediately dip into the sanding sugar. (Tip, the tapered diameter of a martini glass helps create the layered look of this drink)

2.Add ice to rimmed glass and set aside

3.Add 1oz Grenadine to the bottom of the glass (be careful to get this directly into the bottom without touching the sides as much as possible)

4.In separate pourable container, add 4oz lemonade and 2 drops of black food coloring. Mix together.

5.Slowly pour black mixture into glass. (Tip: slowly pouring over the back of a spoon sitting right above the grenadine layer helps prevent the liquids from mixing.)

6.Add a small cut in a marachino cherry and place on the rim of the glass.

Sonic's Shadow inspired non alcoholic drink

Old school video game characters and fun just seem to go together! Just like these other fun mocktails from the Sonic inspired series! Check out the other Sonic crew inspired drinks like the Sonic the hedgehog inspired mocktail,the Tails inspired mocktail or the Knuckles Inspired Mocktail.

Which of the gang is your favorite? Are you looking forward to the thrid installment in the new big screen films set to release in 2024?

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