Shark Bite Mocktail

Shark Bite Mocktail, perfect addition to shark week viewing!

non alcoholic shark bite drink for kids

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This isn’t my first recipe fashioned after giant fish you can find swimming in the ocean. But lets face it, even though you CAN find them swimming in the ocean. That doesn’t mean you actually WANT to find them. But even though most people don’t want to see one up close in the ocean. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to see them while sitting at home. That’s right, I’m talking about Shark Week!

Just like I said in my last shark inspired drink, I feel like Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has gotten so popular, it’s almost like a holiday. During Shark Week, you can often find our family watching shows and movies that feature sharks. And I’m always taken aback by nature every time we watch.

Like I said, I absolutely would NOT want to see one of these giant creatures in the wild. But from the safety and comfort of my couch, I am fascinated by learning about them and seeing them up close. And since we are in the comfort of our own home, why not add a fun Shark Week inspired non alcoholic drink to enjoy! This is my first attempt at a slushy style mocktail to go along with the heat of the summer. And the kids loved it! Win!

If you like Shark Week as much as we do, you will enjoy this fun and festive Shark Bite Mocktail to celebrate Shark Week and learn about sharks from the comfort of your own couch!

Ingredients and Barware for 2 Mocktail Slushies


Blue Raspberry Syrup (I used this one from Amazon)


Gummy Sharks (I found mine on Amazon on course!)

Red Striped Straws (optional, especially with a slushie but helps tie in a bit more red to the drink. I used these)

Blender (I used a Ninja Blender)

About the Ingredients

Blue Raspberry Syrup has a raspberry flavor and a bright blue color which is exactly what we need to minic the ocean water, BEFOREvthe shark bite occurs of course

Grenadine is another syrup, although this one has a cherry taste to it and a bright red color, exactly what we need to give us the appearance of the water AFTER the shark bite

How to Make

Ok so for me, getting the right consistency of the ice was the hardest part and it took a bit of trial and error. Pretty much like most of my drink experiences!

1)Add a half cup of water and 1.5 cups of Ice to your blender. Make sure to add the water first. Blend the ice. Depending on the texture you want of your non alcoholic slush drink, you may need to adjust the amounts of water and ice.

2)Add 3 oz Blue Raspberry Syrup to the blender with your blended ice and blend to dissipate the color throughout.

3)Add contents to the glasses of your choice

4)Place the Gummy Sharks on top of the blue blended ice as if they are swimming and circling towards the top of the ocean.

5)Place your Red Striped Straw into your drink

6)Finally, add 1 oz of Grenadine to each drink. Watch as the blue quickly turns red and then a darker color to mimic the water after a shark bite.

Tip: The effect of this drink does not stay for too long. You can prep the blue blended ice ahead of time but be sure to add your Grenadine to each glass with your audience present and right before serving.

Zero Proof shake bite slushie for Shark Week

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What is your favorite Shark Week Show?

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