Sonic the Hedgehog Inspired Mocktail

Sonic the Hedgehog inspired mocktail; because I’m Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog and I gotta go fast!

Sonic the Hedgehog Inspired Mocktail

The beloved blue hedgehog that was first introduced in 1991 by Sega has become a very familiar name in our house. Watching my own kids enjoy the characters we grew up with creates a strong sense of nostalgia for the speedy little guy and his gang of friends. Whether Sonic is on the arcade machine or on the big screen, he is always a welcome character!

This Sonic the Hedgehog inspired mocktail is speedy to make. I’m really not even sure we could call it a Sonic Inspired drink if it wasn’t! Blue in color with red on the bottom just like Sonic himself. Topped off with a red rimmer and of course, golden ring garnishes. Because Sonic’s Rings are almost as Iconic as Sonic himself is. 

So get ready to whip up some Sonic the Hedgehog non alcoholic drinks speedy quick to enjoy with your family and friends. And take a walk down memory lane of one of the most iconic video game characters. Whether you plan a night of old school gaming, watching Sonic and his crew on the big screen, or even a Sonic themed birthday party, this zero proof drink will have everyone talking.

Ingredients and Barware for 1 drink
  1. Lemonade 
  2. Blue Curacao Syrup 
  3. Grenadine 
  4. Red sanding Sugar 
  5. 1 Whole Lemon for Garnish 
  6. Clear Shimmer (optional) 
  7. Martini Glass: the tappered design of a martini glass is perfect for this Sonic Inspired Mocktail because it allows the layed liquids to really stand out, making the red of Sonic’s shoes pop!
  8. Cocktail Shaker
  9. Spoon

About the Ingredients

Blue Curacao Syrup has a light orange flavor and a vivid blue coloring which makes it the perfect ingredient for our Sonic inspired drink. 

Grenadine is one of the heaviest drink mix-ins which allows it to settle on the bottom of the glass giving this drink the look of Sonic’s iconic red shoes. 

The clear shimmer is optional but it creates a stunning shimmer effect for the drink and creates that wow factor. 

The lemon is used to create Sonic’s Golden rings as a garnish because Sonic and golden rings go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

How To Make
  1. Mix 4 oz Lemonade and 1 oz Blue Curacao Syrup together in a cocktail shaker and set aside
  2. Rim your glass using lemon and red sanding sugar 
  3. Add 1 oz of Grenadine to bottom of the martini glass
  4. Add ice to the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously until well mixed and chilled. Carefully and slowly pour lemonade mixture into the martini glass on top of the grenadine (Tip: use the back of a spoon to prevent the liquids from mixing to create the layer effect giving us the seperation of red and blue for Sonic’s shoes and body) 
  5. Garnish with Lemon Rings (See Garnish Tips on how to create)

Garnish Tips
  1. Slice a ring off the lemon about a quarter inch in thickness from the middle of the lemon 
  2. Carefully cut the pulp away from the rine leaving about half of the white lining (called the pith) attached to the rine
  3. Wrap the peel around a long cylinder such as a straw or swizzle stick 
  4. For this particular Sonic inspired Drink, you can cut into several rings or leave intact. 

sonic the hedgehog inspired non alcoholic drink

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What is your favorite way to see Sonic the Hedgehog and his group of friends? On the gaming console, old school arcade machine or on the big screen?

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