Sour Patch Kids Infused Vodka Sprite

Sour patch kids because first they are sour, then they are sweet 

In our house, there are three tiny humans that we made. And let me tell you, we love them all more than anything in the entire universe! But that does not mean they don’t also drive us absolutely nuts at times. And that’s why, in our house, we have an endearing nickname for all three of our children collectively.

We call them the sour patch kids because first they are sour. Sometimes they can be really sour, like off the wall crazy, push us to our breaking point, sour. But they are always sweet in the end (even if that is a very long time away from when they are sour) and we cant help but hug them tight.

So this sour patch kids infused vodka sprite cocktail is the perfect fit for our house. Sour as the preparations and waiting take a little bit but then oh so sweet and deliciously simple. With just 3 ingredients, this simple cocktail is a favorite to add a little bit of extra fun to any event or even just a fun night in at home after the kids are in bed.

  1. Sour Patch Kids (Seperated by color)
  2. 5 Air Tight Containers
  3. Vodka
  4. Lemon Lime Soda
  5. White Sanding Sugar

About the Ingredients
  • There isn’t much more to be said for Sour Patch Kids candies. First they are sour, then they are sweet! But they are delicious the entire time!
  • Vodka works great for infusing because it essentially does not have much of a flavor on its own allowing it to take on the flavor of whatever you are infusing it with. Plus, given its clear color, it also takes on the color of whatever you are infusing it with, which makes Sour Patch Kids infusions really vibrant and colorful!

How to Make
  • Infuse the Vodka.
    • Seperate the Sour Patch Kids by color and place in air tight container
    • Pour Vodka into the container (about twice as much vodka as candy was the ratio I used). Of course, the more candy, the sweeter the Vodka will become
    • Let sit for at least 24 hours. Shaking at times to mix up the ingredients in the air tight containers
    • Pour the vodka through a strainer to get the still solidified pieces of candy out of the liquid
    • Pour back into desired container to keep the infused vodka
  • Rim your glass
    • Use either water with a small sponge or a cut lemon to get the top of the glass wet so the sugar will stick
    • Place the glass upside down in the sanding sugar
    • Take out carefully ensuring to get an even coating. Gently tapping on the glass after helps to get the lose sugar off before making too much of a mess
  • Pour 2 oz of infused vodka in glass
  • Pour 3 oz of Lemon Lime soda in glass
  • Garnish with three (or 4 or however many you want really) Sour Patch Kids candies
    • Cut a small slit into a few sour patch kid candies and place onto the rim of the glass

Enjoy Responsibility!

Do you enjoy candy infusions? I was informed that I missed the boat because candy infusions were big a long time ago. Oh well, I think they are still delicious and fun now! Check out some of our other candy infused drinks like Bubble Gum Infused tequila, these Jolly Rancher Infused Shots or these Starburst Infused Shooters.

What is your favorite Sour Patch Kid flavor? Do you share your house with any Sour Patch Kids? Do you have your own nickname to describe them?

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